42 comments on “Just dropping by

  1. Hope you get well soooooooooooooooooooon. I must have missed some postings in last week or so. Just get better, my dear Friend. Remember, remove all throwable objects from anywhere near the TV this weekend. My Sis bought me and Kiddies new Nerf objects to throw at teams that don’t perform well on Sat and Sunday))))))))))))))))))))

      • 1st and 3rd places in WC, not bad for Deutschland & Nederlande. Both played extremely well. Would’ve been hard to have them play against each other for European finale, but most of family would’ve survived it either way. Adopted daughter from Brazil was so heartbroken after loss to Germans and then Nederlande, made it worse. She was fussing them out in Portuguese for being an embarrassment to host country((((((((((((

      • We are very proud of our Lions. They played very well this tournament and they didn’t give up.
        I am not very happy about Germany getting the title, but they did play well.
        I am sorry for your daughter, but Brazil didn’t play well this tournament. I really loved the tribute the supporters of Brazil gave our team after the last match. Very sportive and kind. Our players thought it was very special and they applaud the supporters.
        Love & Hugz ❤

      • They were gracious hosts, I must agree. Brazil deserves a team that will play together as a team, not just superstars. Superstars cannot do it alone, nor should they have to. The US team is learning that lesson, too. Klinsman will teach them if they will listen))))))))

      • I agree! That’s what the people love about the Dutch team, they were a TEAM all the way! I loved the US team as well, they really made a effort and didn’t back down. This was definitely one of the most awesome World Cup’s I have ever seen.
        Hugz ❤

      • We enjoyed it immensely. Even teams we didn’t know anything about, we always enjoyed watching a good match. Some of the referees, I could have missed watching ANY matches they worked. That portion of FIFA still needs upgrading before the next WC. I can always pray and hope)))))))))))))

  2. Patty, Your poem “captures” it! Sounds like you are making some progress. That hand thing could linger tough, right? Time to draw from those Dark poems to have courage, be strong, & fight the good fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Phil

    • Thank you Phil! 🙂
      Yes, this is the first time my fingers got dislocated, so the nerves and muscles have to heal. That will take some time.
      Hugz & Love ❤

  3. I’m sorry to hear this. I hope you feel better soon. Sending healing light across the ocean and lots of love!! My lil sis …. Miss you!!

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