9 comments on “Amazing Blogger: Syl!

      • You know I can’t help myself)))))))))))) Hope your weekend was good. I just hope that both of my ancestral homes don’t have to play against each other in the WC, too exciteable already in prev games)))))))))))) Reminds me of old Euro cup battles between Dutch&German teams. Always a conflict within our family, hard to stay neutral without someone getting disappointed. Now I just want both to advance to finals and I’ll do my best to remain calm. Nieces have Orange cheerleading costumes (Denver Bronco fans, but realized the Dutch played in Orange, so now they’re new fans for WC action, they’re only 2 and so precocious, indeed, and LOUD)

  1. Thank you so much Patty. When I came across your wonderful duet with Alex Kennedy, I knew I had to follow. From your written word pieces to your spoken word, they are truly amazing and powerful. The light of life is so much brighter with true friendships. Thank you for your friendship!

  2. Patty, Syl’s “Side by side” is a strong sentiment worthy of your accolades along with his body of work. He is pleased I am sure with this tribute by you! Phil

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