25 comments on “Dark Poetry: Unwelcome visitor

  1. This is awesome. It makes me think of my ex husband – but not in the same way. In other words, when all is quiet for a while and he seems civil – out comes the bully. He is the father of my boys and for that I am grateful. They adore him and he is a good father – except for the way he treats me in front of them. Luckily he had another wife. She can have him. /)

      • When mine is bad, it is all year, day and night, but I have tried to work them though and find out how to release and forgive, not others but myself for letting them hurt me so much.
        Love back to you ❤

  2. Patty, “Horrifying Excellence in Poetry Award”……..a new award I just made up to try to express the feelings your poem stirs up within me. Good job once again for PTSD Awareness!!! You do it well!!! Phil

  3. It’s one thing to push away what we don’t want to remember anymore, yet even harder is to ignore the heart that keeps it all in isn’t it? :-\

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