20 comments on “Poetry from my poetry book: Can you see?

  1. Hi Patty,

    That was powerful poetry and brooks reading a second time.

    What jumped out at me was the first verse itself, and I articulate it here once more.

    “You can see my smile

    But can you see my tears?

    And if you do

    Will you protect me against my fears?”

    Of course, I would usually not be able to see your tears. And that is because you wear a mask which prevents me from seeing. Why do you wear this mask? To show up as someone different to who you are. Why do you do that? Coz. you need to show up as someone better, stronger, less emotional etc. etc. than who you actually are. You want to be admired, to be liked. Hence the mask…..

    I while back, I had dwelled on this aspect in a post of mine and I bring the link here for you and your other readers.




    • Thank you Shaki.
      You have found the meaning of this poem. Although I never wore that mask to be admired or liked.
      I don’t really care about things like that, I am actually quite happy with myself. 😉
      I did, however, wore that mask to shut down my feelings after a series of traumas and to protect my loved ones from the darkness and pain inside me.
      And I still do that sometimes. Still learning. I will definitely take a look at your post, thank you for the link.
      Lots of love

    • Thank you so much John!
      Yes, I wonder about that a lot. Sometimes I am actually amazed that people can’t see the pain behind someone’s eyes.
      Lots of love ❤

  2. Patty, “Can you see,” one of the MANY memorable poems from your book! Love the back & forth in this one of light & dark!!!!!!!! What do you think of WordPress pulling this blue double underlined advertising as above right here??? Before I raised hell, I checked it out & sure enough WordPress had an explanation that they would be doing this “at times” unless we upgraded & paid for no ads!!!!! BOOO!!!! Phil

    • Thank you Phil! 🙂
      Yes, the advertising is quite annoying sometimes. O well, Don’t have the money yet to get a payed account lol!
      Hugz ❤

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