34 comments on “Poetry for today: My True Love…

      • Altijd mijn plezier mijn vriend, Patty. Ik ben hoopvol dat uw weekend was geweldig. Grote knuffels van liefde en vreugde die ik aan u verzenden.

      • glad to hear. Weekend was wonderful. Family all well Saw Kids&Grands per technology yesterday, great interactions. Sis, Kiddies and I enjoyed Mass and pancake breakfast yesterday morning, we’re slowly being accepted by new parish people. They are being amazed by our “Vulcan” Twins, still hard to tell them they are only 2 yrs old, act and talk Older&smarter. Little sponges & recorders they seem to be. Life is good, we are blessed and so Happy.

      • I am so glad to hear that my friend!
        Great that it’s all going so well. You deserve all the happiness that you can get!
        Lots and lots of love ❤

  1. Patty, Beautiful, sensuous…..then very honest re “December”……hard for the reader…disappointment…. retrieved in “Summer.” Must be a good poem because it hits you! Phil

    • Thanks Phil! 🙂
      Lol, I actually just wrote this poem for fun!
      I really really really love the summer. 🙂
      And in December is Christmas. My favorite holiday. 😉
      Hugz ❤

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