34 comments on “Dedicated to Danny. Happy 8th anniversary my love!

  1. Reblogged this on Digital Gatherings and commented:
    I know she loves him. I love him too.
    She is my daughter-in-law.
    I know he loves her. I love her too.
    He is my son.
    Happy anniversary Patty and Danny

  2. Happy anniversary to you both. Patty – may I borrow the quote you posted here. This quote speaks to me. It represents 42 years of my marriage and I will like to create a painting with it to give to my husband in September for our 43rd anniversary.

  3. Patty, WELL! THAT WAS A QUICK ANSWER TO MY COMMENT ON TODAY”S SONG FROM YOUR WEDDING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to you & Danny on this your 8th Anniversary! You met or dated at 16 years old, was it? And married around 25-26? That means it was a thoughtful decision!!! –a lasting one, forever, as your beautiful poem attests! Phil

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