20 comments on “Poetry for today: Thin Line

  1. Hey Patty…Thanks for viewing my blog Splendid Recipes and More.

    This poem is beautiful!! Says how many of us feel, including myself. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    I look for ward to more from Petite Magique!! 😉


  2. ya know is how we birds an flyin squirrelz do it ya know 🙂 sometimes i gots to change out the wing and change up from the fast wizard wings i have to the slow butterfly wings i gots,, believe it er not, any way ya fly i do always hope u fly safe Remember; “Crashing is not an OPtion! ” i have always wundered what kinna glide ratio u get with the wings u have all spread out ; really 🙂 Q ah but thermalling is so much fun is alike hoping from one bad cloud to a good cloud to another bad till ya find the right one without sink but lift to lift ya up to fly under,be kewl weekend! cheers 2 U an Urs 🙂

  3. Patty, “Thin line” is EXCELLENT in that wayward middle ground. Maybe you are transitioning? It IS a good place to be…Stable is a nice place. I have been there lately myself. Have not mentioned I have had more success publishing in state-wide newspapers. Phil

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