27 comments on “Poetry: Hurt me…

  1. Wow, you words bare such raw emotions pulling the readers right in with you! I liked how you ended it with enough hope to move on from that darkness 🙂 Great write as usual!

  2. Patty, Autobiographical for you or you writing for others, as you taught me long ago. But if the latter, you could be an actor/actress with these poetic lines, they are so good. Phil

    • This is all me Phil. As you know, I have a hard time letting people go. For some reason, people don’t rent a place in my heart, they just get it for life. Rent free.
      Lots of love ♥

  3. Been there. Done that. Glad to be free! You capture the captivity and hurt very well. In the end, it’s just not worth it. Hugs.

  4. 😦 unfortunately this is the way too many try to find or deal with their thought of love. I always hope they find that special someone that will cherish their time and life.

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