26 comments on “Poetry: The Weeping Willow

  1. Ah, Patty, I once had a willow tree also. My dreaming, however, was done on the front porch swing. The willow tree was my little home, where I had tea parties.

  2. Patty, hoping all is well with you. I haven’t heard from you in so long and so I write this, knowing how difficult the month of April was for you. Beautiful poetry and I love the way you portrayed yourself in this photo. Love, Amy

    • I am doing good Amy. I hope you are well too!
      Just been very busy with rewriting my second fantasy book. 🙂
      Sending lots of love and hugz ❤

      • I carry you in my HEART, Patty, so that you find the strength and the endurance and the imagination to write another phenomenal book. I left you a 5 star review on amazon. I hope you like it. (((HUGS))) Amy

  3. Mooie woorden die touch en achtervolgen van de ziel terwijl het bereiken van voor het hart. Uitstekend, Patty
    Grote knuffels voor u.)))))))))))))))

  4. Patty, “The Weeping Willow” captures a mesmerizing technique in writing & speeches, that of repetition. Here your repetition of “underneath the weeping willow” is hypnotic to the reader, captivating the reader in mind & emotion. You have the reader in the palm of your hand, as the expression goes. Phil

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