3 comments on “WordPress Facebook group, and new blog page Award. Check this out.

  1. Patty, Still trying to understand this. Even Doc Horty posted that she was trying to understand it! You said above, “When you join the Facebook WordPress sharing group, we will reblog everyone’s blogs to that blog page that the group made.” And then you say, “Just hit the facebook link and one of the 6 moderators or myself (Admin) will let you in. Blog in the Facebook page and it will be reblogged. It’s starting slow, but it’s getting bigger every week.” Do you mean put a link to your blog? You don’t blog on the Facebook page???!!! Phil

    • Lol, just a reblog Phil.
      Not actually my words. 🙂
      But we reblog blogs who are a member of the Facebookpage.
      So, everyone who is a member of the page gets a reblog on this blog every once in a while! 🙂
      Hugz ❤

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