7 comments on “NaPoWriMo day 22: A Cinquain

  1. Patty, Day 22: A Cinquain! I get it….5 lines! “Insomnia”….. I’d like to add a sixth line, “Reading my eyes closed.” I identify from my principal days & still wake up from time to time. Does that mean I was traumatized with PTSD? PTSD as you have taught me is so much more. A good contribution for Day 22 plus expressing where you are at. Phil

    • Thank you my friend! 🙂
      O yes, PTSD is much more than just insomnia for sure!
      I would take the insomnia for example over the nightmares any time!
      Hugz ♥

  2. You need to find that peace within. What thoughts can keep you up…? Living in the moment might relieve those nights…. Peace

    • I wish my friend.
      It’s not just memories and flashbacks from the PTSD, it’s also things that are happening right now.
      My life is just trying to drown me in craziness. But I will be fine. I always am.
      Lots of love ♥

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