41 comments on “When do you let go?

  1. Remember, you haven’t let go, you just haven’t received an answer to your concerns. There’s a time to push, a time to pull, and a time to wait. My nature isn’t to sit back, but I’ve learned the hard way, that sometimes I must accept that others aren’t me, they are different and may never understand how much I need answers. And sometimes I have had to learn that they need their space more than I need my answers, sadly. It’s a fine line and oh so delicate. We can’t blame ourselves for them trying to learn how to help themselves, only pray one day soon you and them will have the answers you both need. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Patty. So sorry you are dealing with this. ((((((((((((

    • Thank you so much my dear friend.
      I know that I won’t let go. I can’t.
      When I love someone so much, it’s for life. I just have to deal with it I guess.
      Hugz ♥

  2. You don’t let go. But let it be. When they are ready and out from whatever distortions of truth plague them the time will come. Love and let go until then. We can’t change everything. They change themselves. And you wait in readiness for that time. That’s all I can think of from what I have experienced.x

  3. If you really love someone, you hold on no mater what right?
    At least, that’s how I feel.
    I don’t make friends for just a short time. I can’t.
    That’s just not me.
    But the days become weeks and the weeks become months. You send messages, emails, cards. No answer… .
    ……..can relate to that ,,,well, life goes on i guess, 🙂 kewl piece once again, congrats again on the last weeks affairs in ur life is ver kewl 🙂

  4. I have experienced this. From both ends actually. I have a tendency to push ppl away because I start to see that I do not deserve their friendship or love. Then I have been the person left. I have no answer. I wish I did Patty. xx

    • I have always pushed away people myself, so I know where you are coming from.
      I also know that he has the nasty habit of doing that as well.
      Never thinks he deserves love, drives me crazy!
      Maybe time will tell.
      Hugz & Love ❤

    • Thank you Phil.
      It’s just so hard right now because he misses all these important events in my life! I miss him so much.
      And I am not a very patient person lol…
      But I made a promise, I am going to keep that. Even f it takes years. I will be mad as hell if it takes years though, I have a temper as well.
      Hugz & Love ❤

      • I’m at 12 years, and honestly, I live with the possibility, I may die before it happens. To me that is true love. If the other doesn’t get it. I guess I still am OK because I fought until the end for it.

      • That is true love for sure. And you are right. If you love someone unconditionally, it doesn’t matter how long it takes. Thank you.
        Lots of love

  5. I know exactly what you mean … I’ve been holding on to someone for over 20 years … and they don’t even know who I am any longer! I just say be available when/if they come back to your friendship. In the meantime, live YOUR life.

    • 20 years! Yes, you definitely know what I mean. That’s a relieve, I thought I was the only one who refuses to give up!
      I do live my life, but I just miss him in it.
      Thank you Desiree.
      Hugz & Love ❤

      • I will say this … missing them, never stops. But it does sting a little less over time. Instead of a sharp pain that takes your breath away when you think of them, it becomes a dull ache in your heart that is felt more in every sigh.

      • Thank you Desiree.
        Missing someone doesn’t stop. I know that all to well.
        I just hope I don’t have to miss this person forever.
        Hugz & Love ❤

  6. Patty awesome as usual , its hard when people drift away it happens in life. I personally try as long and hard as physically possible to keep in touch with those friends/family close . I have learned after nearly 40 years that sometimes people dont or cant keep it up life overtakes them somehow and friendships built over many years or a lifetime just seem to disapear.
    I dont stop caring or wondering I just get closer to those that are left and memories ect keep me going . relationships are a two way street it takes both to keep it alive.Its not just you hunni honest its society and encumbance of lifes velocity and ability of those to keep up and deal with it or fall by the side .
    hugs Brian

    • Thanks Bri. ❤
      People always say that I am so strong, but when it comes to losing people I love or let go of them, I am weaker than most for sure.
      Count in PTSD, trust issues and abandonment issues and you have yourself a full blown disaster lol.
      I just don't know what to do anymore.
      Hugz & Love ❤

      • I hear you and can sypathise and morror a lot of what you have said. I am a rock to others but really I am putty I dont show feelings sometimes in fear.
        You seem to be as big hearted and genuine as I am and that leaves us pray to the feelings and strifes we we have to endure
        I will gladly be a rock for you if and when and without question my humbleness and strength are yours and my home is your castle if shelter is needed 😉 your friend, and bro always 🙂 hugs

  7. *hugs* I think the best thing to do is to let go but to keep an open mind if they want to return. Perhaps they know you’re going through a rough time and don’t want to burden you with their problems. Focus on your other relationships.

    • Thank you so much.
      Maybe, this person knows me very well. And doesn’t want to be a burden. But he also knows that the worst thing to do to me is giving me the silence treatment. I would much rather have him being a pain in the ass than this, lol.
      O well, I guess time will tell. But it’s very hard for sure.
      Big hugz back ❤

  8. friendship

    neither light years
    nor silence
    can deny thee

    Sometimes we get sidetracked from our interactions with close relatives and friends… sometimes for no explicable reason. And if there is a reason, maybe some personal hurt within them, unknown to someone like yourself, needs to subside before they come around. In the meantime, if nothing improves on this friendship, go on with making the best of your own lifetime. Peace.

    • Thank you so much. I love that little poem.
      I know people get distracted easily, thing is I don’t have that. Ever. Well, I will get distracted of course, but I never disappear for the ones I love. If they need me, I am there. No matter how rough my life is atm. But you are right, I should just wait and see. Very hard to do.
      Hugz ❤

  9. I fully relate, there comes a time when you know you have to let go. Its hard but in time. I especially like the last part of your post

    • Thank you so much.
      I hope I will know, I am always holding on.
      Never break a promise, always stay loyal, that’s just me.
      So, I don’t know if I will ever know how to let go.
      Lots of love

      • I understand where your coming from patty. Sometimes were are to loyal, stick to promises that effect our own lives. You deserve more then I one sided friendship like you’ve described. I wish you luck 🙂

      • Thank you very much.
        I do believe friendship should be a two way road, but my loyalty is very strong.
        I still hope that I will get my friend back some day.
        Lots of love ❤

  10. Reblogged this on My thoughts of her daily. and commented:
    I don’t let go because tomorrow is always a new beginning, try not to dwell on the hurt, remember why you made that promise. The ride can be bumpy and turbulent, but I say stay strong and hold on!

  11. I don’t let go because tomorrow is always a new beginning, try not to dwell on the hurt, remember why you made that promise. The ride can be bumpy and turbulent, but I say stay strong and hold on!

      • My own father and I didn’t speak for five years much earlier in my life, today we are closer, and understand each other than ever. Priceless! Take care of yourself though.

      • They are already working out. It’s about your patience and your virtue. I hope I reblogged this post. You have touched on a major issue in society and relationships. The Lovers always come through. It’s Biblical.

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