8 comments on “About Friendship, Books and adventure

  1. I hope the book does really well, so that it gets translated. Then, even we English speaking souls will get a chance to read it. 😉

    But, seriously, if you do translate your book, be sure to release it in India. We have a large market base for fantasy novels here.

  2. Well done, Patty. You’re an amazing writer and I’m sure your book and collection of poems are going to do very well.

    A small suggestion. Could it be possible for your fantasy novel to be released in India. Fantasy novels sell really well over here. If you like the idea, you could float it with your publisher.

    • Thank you very much Russel! 🙂
      I am actually talking about the translation of my book in English with my publisher.
      But it is very expensive, so we decided to see how the book will do in Holland before we decided if it gets translated.
      Love & Hugz ❤

  3. Patty & Martin, Taking it all in like a newscast of the great event from The Hague!!! Enjoyed just hearing about it all finally! Congratulations to Patty! And wonderful you could meet up! Phil

  4. Well if you make it to California I’ll for sure come to your book signing:) you are one talented writer!

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