32 comments on “NaPoWriMo day 11: Poetry: When you’re looking down

  1. It’s so hard to lose a sibling. I remember when my sister died. She was only 16, and it was the second child my parents had lost. The parents are so devastated, and sometimes people forget how much of a hole it leaves in the lives of the siblings. You express what it is like for the siblings who remain. It’s very beautiful.

    • Thank you Deb.
      I am so sorry for your loss and for your parents.
      It’s truly devastating to lose someone so young. And those wounds never completely heal. They become a part of you.
      Lots of love and hugz ❤

  2. This is a moving and powerful tribute to your brother, Patty. I’m sorry for your loss. Anyone who has suffered a loss can relate to this poem. Your words and sentiment are soooo beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes.

  3. *weeping* Your brother is now your Guardian Angel, Patty, looking out for you until you again are together in Paradise.

    I received your book today! OH, Patty, it is SO beautiful! xxoo, Amy

      • I LOVE it, Patty. Did you put orbs into some of the pictures or were they actually there? And your poems, grab my heart along with your photos. You did one outstanding job, and you really need to be proud of yourself. I know Shane is! Love, Amy

      • Look on page 7, Patty. There are TWO orbs! You cannot miss them once you see them. And there is another photo too that has orbs in it. I’ll find it and tell you. (((HUGS))) Amy

      • It would seem that way, Patty. On page 7 not only are there two orbs, but each as a perfect circle of Light around them, putting the orbs in the center of that circle. I found it fascinating. When I find the other photo (s) I’ll let you know. That is unless you find them first. LOL Love, Amy

  4. I think it would be a resounding YES MY SWEET LITTLE SIS on all your “questions” . He would be very very proud at you, heck “we” all are (the Wolfpack of course) so he definately will be.


  5. Not to worry, Brothers are never ashamed of their Sisters, our jobs are to love and protect as long as we live and breathe. Afterwards, it becomes our jobs to lend our voices to their hearts, mind and souls. So wonderful written, so touching. Our losses are often Heaven’s treasures that we imperfects can’t justify in our own minds. To honor them, we live on. Semper Fidelis

      • don’t be sorry u know how it is, one day at a time, will get by i suppose, till the next day, jest hoping i will find ways to always make it jest a bit better in me mind 🙂 thanks fer ur time 🙂 and who u be also 🙂 hugz to u Q

  6. Patty, Day 11 already! “When you’re looking down,” you talking to Gerard IS so very real it’s like we should not be listening. So it is a tearful poem, well written, expressed. But I do not want to put the word “good” on something so real. Maybe some day, if it is not in your archives of writings here already, you will be able to tell us about Gerard the person, his qualities, his personality, & even how you lost him that terrible way 19 years ago. Phil

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