32 comments on “A little April update…

  1. I gotta say, I love your attitude and how you seem to embrace the things you are passionate about with no fears or regrets. You have the strength of many to face your PTSD and still be such a vital force of creative nature my friend. Keep Inspiring, and just generally kickin ass. Stay strong Patty. Congrats on both publishings. LOVE the PR photos of you with the cover posters. You rock.

  2. This is great news.. i am really glad u got this together to make this happen for urself 🙂 hopefully u’ll be an inspiration for those who say they jest can’t do it , ya know, peace out 2 u this fine day , take it easy , all is going to be jest fine 🙂 …..namaste’ 2 U frum Q

    • Thank you so much Q!
      Your comments always make me smile my friend.
      And I hope that I can somehow be a inspiration to people!
      I think that that will be the biggest accomplishment someone can get in his or her life! 🙂
      Hugz & Love ❤

      • U already have accomplished that hope ; now ya can move on to a few dreamz ya never really imagine id suppose, take care , an have a great week, i don’t use er like face bewk much anymore cuz it went the wrong direction with me, and for me, hopefully it too! wil make a difference ultimately in my communications with the werld, bye fer now :)…… Mike 🙂

  3. WELL!!!!!!!!!! Patty, Wish I had a video of myself just a moment ago reading with interest your good post about what’s going on in your literary world as usual……..UNTIL!!!!!!!!!!!!…….. I don’t know what I looked like, but it felt like my eyes went wide open & an out of body experience…Is this really happening?????? …….Did Patty really write this including me?….And then the photo of you acting out shunning the crowds & paparazzi…..by then I’m laughing & then your closing comment, “How did I do Phil?” You did just great, Patty! You really showed a great sense of humor & of self which speak well of your character unchanged by success but for your energized confidence, encouraged by it all! And to think you are handling all of this so well at your bad April time of year! Maybe the success you have found in your two books is giving balance to those Dark Wings of yours. Another humbling experience for me coming out of just knowing you. Thanks….I think!!! Phil

    • Hahahaha! Thanks Phil! 🙂
      I thought it would make you laugh! A smile a day keeps the sorrow away. 🙂
      I am blessed to have friends like you who support me through this all and I will let you know that as well!
      Love & Hugz ❤

      • I am stunned by a few things…your talent is magnificent. Your dealing honestly with PTSD is a brave thing to watch, in that you share your life with others, helping them in the process. Your beauty, that smile….amazing. Good luck with your book. Namaste.

      • Thank you so much for those amazing compliments my friend!
        You have brightened my day! 🙂
        I really hope that my posts about PTSD can be of any support. If only one person finds something in them they can use, I am really happy.
        Lots of love and hugz

  4. Dearest Patty!! April will always be bittersweet for you now. Two big opposing events will be intertwined in April … the reasons for your PTSD & the awesome publishing of two books …. a culmination of your dreams. See how life works? A bad one then a good one.
    If you see it way, it may help. I sure hope you do!!
    The “no photos please” pose is great!!
    All my love and wish for gear success!!

    • Thank you! 🙂
      I am sorry that you can relate. It really is hell sometimes.
      Lucky for me, I also have a lot of fun stuff right now! 🙂
      That helps a bunch.
      Lots of love

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