24 comments on “Monthly update!

  1. PTSD is not funny to fight against, I do know from myself Patty.
    But it is possible to change our mind. We are the only ones, who are able to change our mind. You have so much courage, and this demands a lot of courage to do.
    Maybe you will need help in the way, don’t be to proud to ask.
    Send you healing thoughts.

    • Thank you Irene.
      I did ask for help. Once. Didn’t work out that great lol.
      For some reason I do not fit any label, so they have a really hard time figuring out what to do with me.
      But I will get there myself. Luckily, I have a wonderful family.
      Hugz ❤

      • First time, I got help, it didn’t work either. After some years I really needed the help to go on, and then I did receive very good help, which did hold me on and alive.
        It is never too late Patty 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the publishing date and book signing. Wish I could go. It would be a bit of a trip for me however. Also I don’t speak or read the language so……..Best of luck with all that. I truly hope April is better than you expect and I am right by your side in spirit. I am glad to be one of the people you DUET’ed with and can’t wait til our next. We are both quite busy but I know it will happen eventually.

    Be well Patty my friend, and keep Inspiring.


  3. Of all the people I know you have less need to apologise than any. You do more for the rest than most put together. Now look after yourself, or else!!!! I haven’t got an emoji that pulls a tough guy face so you’ll have to accept that I’m doing it.

  4. Patty, Ambitious +++ as always!!! To hell with the April PTSD demons!!! Break the cycle with your peripatetic activities ….unless it’s your bio rhythm. You are a big author now with success on your plate & all for the asking. You’ve built it up to this point. Now go in for the sell, literally (double meanings there), putting you energies on promotion. Positive thoughts. Good sleep routines & hours. Upon waking, finish those dark dreams consciously turning a positive spin to them with happy endings. –easier said than done! –I don’t understand how bad? –at least give it a try…you might be surprised. Settle for better, improvement. You have a GREAT month ahead!!! Shine!!! Phil

    • Thank you so much Phil! 🙂
      O, I wish I could. But PTSD is a nasty little monster, I an tell you that!
      But it won’t get me down, it never has and I won’t let it start now!
      Lots of love and hugz ❤

  5. Patty, firstly, congratulations!!! Please let me know where I can purchase your book!!

    Secondly, let’s try a little “reverse psychology”. IF you are expecting flashbacks in April, they will happen. Start reprogramming your Mind, whatever it takes, … Mantras for example .. or when you catch a “thought” that is fear based, grab it, hold on to it, and very lovingly but sternly say NO! I do not need you anymore. Stay surrounded in what you LOVE LOVE LOVE and get lost in those things.

    I KNOW the patterns in our Minds are so challenging to change. But it can be done. Baby steps, Patty. Baby steps. A lot of pep self-talk goes a long way. And you know where you can find me. If you need to talk, email me. I mean it!!!

    Sending you SO Much LOVE today!!! I LOVE you, Patty!!! You are NOT your flashbacks!!! Love, Amy

    • Thank you sweet friend!
      Yes, I know. But the fear I have is very real. I have been closed up for so many years that I don’t really know how to cope with so many feelings. Turns out, I am actually a sensitive person lol…
      But I also know, that if I get through this, I will be stronger than ever! 🙂
      And I will get through it.
      Lots of love and hugz! ❤

      • Oh, Patty, Luv, I know all about those locked up emotions. Oh does my heart go out to you. I really don’t know what to say other then you are the only one who knows how to best get through April. I will be with you in spirit. I promise, Patty.
        (((HUGS))) Amy

      • Thank you Amy!
        That means a lot to me.
        I am working on it though, that’s why I wrote that other post today. Scared the hell out of me! I never told so much about myself.
        Lots of love and hugz ❤

      • I know how you feel. I just wrote an article for The Talking Violin, speaking about myself that I normally do not. Yep, heart was and is in my throat. xx Amy

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