33 comments on “Dark Poetry: A rainy night

  1. Wow Patty wow, this one is very dark. I’m happy, you also have better days and nights.
    To stay in these hell demands a lot of courage and to open to the to the unknown – so much more. Really beautiful 🙂

  2. This is SOOO very good Patty. I love when you draw from the dark side. Hope it is a fictional well you draw from. In other words Hope you are doing okay. Keep Inspiring my friend. You are truly gifted.


    • Thank you John! 🙂
      Hmmm, yes it’s fictional in the sense of I am not there right now. But I have been close to this in the past.
      Luckily, I had my friends and family to love.
      But I still love writing dark! 🙂
      Love & Hugz ❤

  3. Patty, Your Darkness blasts toward Death in this poem full steam ahead, a ship carrying all your black thoughts with you like a consolidated version of “MY Dark Wings”! HEAVY! You “knocked it out of the park”…..that’s baseball talk for hitting a home run which means you hit the ball far enough to run all three bases to “home plate” & score a run/point. You did very good here. And the photo is a killer! (that means good, appealing!) Phil

    • Thank you Phil! 🙂
      Yes. it is dark for sure, but I like it. I was reading Poe earlier, so I got inspired to write something like this.
      I am glad how it turned out! 🙂
      Love & Hugz

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