85 comments on “It’s my 1 year blog anniversary today!!! :)

  1. Well done, Patty, and congratulations! I haven’t “known” you long in the blogosphere, but already your blog is one of my favorites because I feel like we’re old friends. Keep connecting…you have such beautiful thoughts to share. CELEBRATE!

      • Well it’s all about passion and if you love what you do. My inspiration is to makes others laugh, think, and smile, so I can do that all the days of my life. Maybe not everyday, but couple days a week. 🙂 Congrats to you though,,,you are on your way.


      • And you are doing a very good job in that!
        You often make me laugh. 🙂
        And I shall try my best to last lol 🙂
        Hugz & Love ❤

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY My dear friend Patty. I am very thankful that you started blogging a year ago and shared yourself and your art with the world. I enjoy everything you post. Can’t wait til our collaboration see’s the light of day. Or dark of night if you prefer!!! You are a good friend and talented writer and it has been a pleasure writing with you, and I look forward to doing so more ion the future if you like.

  3. Hi Patty,
    Happy Blogging Birthday!
    I am so glad you started and didn’t stop, otherwise we might never have come across each other out here…
    Well done and please carry on!
    Luv & hugs

  4. Patty, A very special, significant milestone for you! And, quite a post here reaching the anniversary of your first year on your website & how obviously important it has been to you in your life story. It HAS been life changing for you AND for all those you have touched!!! Loved seeing your first post & then reading your hardest post!!! You are glorying in this moment as you should! “Glory on!” Now there’s another poem title for you…maybe marking this moment. Phil

    • Thank you Phil! 🙂
      O yea, I learned a lot this past year. About writing and about myself.
      It’s been one hell of a journey for sure, but I like it! 🙂
      And I am most grateful if I can touch someone else with what I do.
      Lots of love and hugz

  5. (((Awhooooo)))
    Spinning circles chasing tail.
    Many more am sure to come.
    I am blessed to be in your company.

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