20 comments on “Dark Poetry: Delirium called Life

  1. Excellent font/art design in this disturbing read of a protagonist who will not let go of…resentments? relationships? but also will not let go of life despite consideration. A well told narrative scenario.

    • Thanks Mike! 🙂
      Yes, this was something that was lingering in my head for a while but I didn’t had the courage to write it until now.
      It’s quite dark and I know that scares some people. But I love to write it! It keeps me focused on the more important things in life to write off these kind of things.
      Lots of love!

  2. This was tough for me to read, but darn it, I read it! So much here I can relate, and you, my friend, I am thrilled for another piece of YOUR freedom you obtained by writing this. Bless you, Patty!!!
    Love, Amy

  3. An overbearing read…Don’t recall a piece filled with death references ……have to search “My Wings”…..Seems to come back to a perspective of life in the end. Woo! Phil

  4. Is there a Friday conspiracy, seeing who can break thru old George’s hard shell first? Seriously, tugged my heart strings on this one, and tissue box. TY for sharing such beauty, Patty.

    • I would never dare to do such a thing my friend! 🙂
      But that shell of mine is certainly getting some cracks lol.
      Thank you so much for your lovely words.
      I always appreciate your comments so much.
      Heel veel liefs! ❤

      • Continue on, my dear Patty. I wish you the best, no just the recognition of your talent, but mostly so that so many more people can share your talent and your heart&soul. I can hardly wait.
        Dank u zo heel veel

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