56 comments on “Battling a Memory Monster

  1. It is very interesting insight of info. so many people suffered day by day they still trying to figure it out how to live like a normal life… but sometime it is hard to stay strong you just have to believe that you can hang on,” an let it life be to fight the battle that might have one of your reason purpose or mission to lived longer is to teach each one of another to survive in stay strong! to be more compassion to others an lived as well , so we can all lived better…” this sight it very inspiring…keep going…. Let it the light keep you shine.. and more blessing to come on your way.”

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    Well written. I can attest to one thing here, PTSD does not have a switch, time does not heal this wound, and its very hard to want to be around your self with or without other people. However, people are quick to judge, quick to label, and even quicker to discard a person who they believe is broken beyond repair. Just some food for thought, carry on.

    • I like the comments on ptsd. I always think what did I do to deserve this. I cry daily where no one sees. My wife does not understand. I know I am in this battle alone.

      • Hey Gary,
        I am so sorry that you have to battle PTSD too.
        It is a lonely fight because it’s so hard to understand what we are going trough for people who don’t have PTSD.
        But know that you are not alone. Those of us who have PTSD can support each other and educate our family and friends.
        Take a look at http://www.neverhowlalone.wordpress.com. You can also find our FB page there. Just contact me if you need someone to listen.
        Together we are stronger.
        Lots of Love,

  4. i’ve had reoccurring nightmares since early childhood….and are still having them. they are very unpleasant and when i wake up, i’m left with all the emotion from the dreams to follow me into the day. I’ve been on a disability pension since 2009 for PTSD.
    (very grateful for it).

  5. This is what we share. So similar in many ways, so different in others. That is the nature of this monster, he is part chameleon. 57 years old and I wake up screaming, a 6-year-old again, being held under water, trying to breath, or being chased by a relative with a butcher knife, trying to stab me. Takes a while to remember I’m not that child anymore. That’s PTSD for me, and that just one of the problems it causes. Not a fun disorder at all. So you have my sympathies, and my prayers, and my ear if you ever need to talk. Merry Christmas and God Bless.

    • He sure is part chameleon!
      I am sorry that you have to battle this monster as well my friend.
      And your description (although it gives me the shivers) is right on. That is exactly what this monster does, it transfers you through time.
      Very hard to deal with and to live with sometimes.
      And thank you very much, same here.
      Stay strong.
      Lots of love & Hugz ❤

  6. Thank you for the post, I have 2 friends with this, one I think I have lost, unfortunately he has shut himself out completely. The other is my best friend and she reaches out when it is too much for her and she is trying to cope with it. Thank you again.

    • Thank you so much.
      I am sorry that your friends have to battle this as well.
      My advice would be to reach out to your closed off friend again. People with PTSD will withdraw from people who are close to them sometimes. But if you don’t give up on them, they often return to you. It’s hard to deal with people who have a mental health condition, I know, but if you are prepared and willing, you really can make a difference.
      Stay strong.
      Lots of love

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    This post from Patty and Dr. Rex reflagged hits close to home Alex has PTSD except there is no POST for her it is ongoing! I have a few friends that suffer from PTSD I love the way Patty shares her heart and I know you will as well if you don’t already follow her please see her blog! ❤ Blessing, hugs and love!

  8. Patty this is so wonderful! I love your beautiful posts this one hits close to home. My daughter has this but it’s not post it is ongoing! Trauma that is continuous because of her illnesses. Blessings, hugs and love to you sweet Patty! ❤

    • Thank you my dear friend.
      How horrible for your daughter to have to fight this along with her illness! 😦
      I know how it is. I have multiple PTSD and one of the reasons is my cronic conditions.
      Please tell her that I said that she’s a warrior! That she’s strong, just like her wonderful mom!
      And if you or her ever need to talk to me, my email address is uppiecat@msn.com. I am here.
      Love and hugz ❤

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  18. this is very good Patty. Thank you.
    I will pray that you may gain compassion and peace of mind.
    I do understand how the pain and the hanging on of the abuse bitterness infects consciousness.
    ~ Eric

  19. I was ten years old when it happened to me. I was 22 before I could even admit to myself that it happened. 48 years later I still have nightmares. Thank you. Your article really helped me. I knew some of this because I learned it the hard way, but you gave me some new insights that made the night a little brighter.

    • Thank you so much!
      I am sorry that you have to battle PTSD, and from such a young age!
      I was 14 when it started, but I got diagnosed just a year ago.
      Keep fighting and stay strong!
      Lots of love

  20. Patty, You have done it again. This is so comprehensive on all aspects of PTSD from clinical definition to symptoms, treatment, self-help, dealing with a PTSD victim, & more with your poetry & quotations!!! Have YOU explored submitting this & other such posts to magazines, etc.? So worthy & thousands of people would benefit! Phil

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