19 comments on “Poetrics: Never Again

  1. Powerful poetrics. And song. How many women – and men- must hurt before it is no longer seen as something to hide? And how many children to witness it? Awful.
    This is public service. And so well done.x

    • Thank you!
      Yes, we all have to stand up against abuse. The more people who will open their mouth instead of turn their head, the more people we can protect from this.
      Lots of love

  2. Lived through this for real, so this song was too hard for me to listen to. I really love the band, and the lyrics are great. I will reblog it as there are many who need to listen to his and could gain strength from it.

    Peace & Love
    (thanks for being strong than me)

    • I am so sorry my sweet friend. Big, gentle hugz for you ❤
      Remember that you are very strong because you made the change and chose yourself.
      Never again.
      Lots of love

      • I lived through it watching my mum get it, just like the song. Had to hide, me and my sister, as I was always next on the line. Dealt with it once, once, in a b/f during high school. Never after that. I am 50 now, was never abused, and also never took any shit from any man. I also never turned to violence myself. My sister on the other hand actually got arrested for domestic violence and has been looked into, some time ago, by the children services. I really don’t know who fared better in the end. Long story.
        Once I realized my mum’s mistake and what made her weak, changed my path right then and there. So long ago, but the words and memories still haunt.
        Peace & Love

      • O my! I am so sorry my sweet friend. That must have been so hard for you.
        Thank you for sharing this, it’s important that people know about the impact abuse has on the lives of others.
        Lots of love and hugz ❤

  3. Heavy. And shooting him will just make her face the courts. Everything about her life will be questioned. Why didn’t she leave him? Why did she stay? How badly did he hurt her? Whose gun was it? Did she plan it out?

    Stopping the violence is a great goal. But how do we get there?

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