14 comments on “Quotes of the week!

  1. re: what others think about us…
    I recently read a post a few times – its premise is stated:
    “I’ve read that it is none of your business what others think about you. I’ve also read that no-one can make you inferior without your consent or to accept who you are and revel in it.
    All wonderful words and all words that we take to our hearts and attempt to apply to our lives
    when it comes down to it, we do care what our family/co-workers/friends/anyone else thinks of us.
    We care because deep inside there is the need for acceptance as validation that we are doing something right.
    We care because many of us don’t want to be responsible for hurting another person – especially inadvertently.
    We care because we care.”
    I’m with you – when I feel myself being pulled to act according to how other seem to think; that isn’t me then – I don’t want to be owned by the past. I want to be who I am now and as best I am able continue this – always being ever more considerate and compassionate powerful – the I Am of me.

    • Exactly. Of course we want to be accepted. But that’s only important when it comes to the ones we love.
      For me, the ones I love rule my world. The rest….Well, if they don’t like me for who I am they are free to go. πŸ™‚
      Be whoever you want to be, but always stay yourself.
      Lots of love and hugz β™₯

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