43 comments on “It’s raining Awards! :)

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  2. Congratulations dear Patty

    how are you dear

    sorry i could not visit your blog as I am not well these days

    but i will definitely sweet soul

    thank you dear

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  5. Congrads! I really like the way you did this whole post. The presenting is really creative. Love the tulyups too. My favorite flower.

    Peace & Love

  6. Dear Patty,
    I don’t know what to say, other than a simple “thank you” in front of your giant gesture 🙂 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
    First of all, Congratulations of your best-deserved awards! You really deserve them all : always and forever! Me and my team of cats love to visit your blog and get lost in your deep art!
    Second, I’m absolutely very honored, blushed and very happy to have received such a wonderful gift from you! The bouquet of them! This is purfect 🙂 Thank you very much!
    Love and Hugs <3<3<3
    Servant Z&Yelloz

  7. Patty, Congratulations upon Congratulations for this volcanic eruption of awards flowing your way, so well deserved! Love the A-Z words of meaning to you. And meaningful to me as an educator is picking up in your bio info that you have a Maters in Special Education! Magnificent! How that has gotten passed me I do not know. “Awards Day” must be a bright one for you…which you are well into with the time difference! Now take your hand of choice & pat yourself on the back once for each award & then clasp your arms & hands around your sides & give yourself the biggest hug you can, tight, tight, for as long as you can before letting go! Try it! Good, huh???!!! Phil

    • Thank you Phil! 🙂
      Yes, I have my Master degree among other things. 🙂 I am proud of it, but I don’t like a title before my name. So, t’s Just Patty Lol!
      And I like all my awards. I like the appreciation and I love to pass them on to my friends! 🙂
      I will try, but you know I am not that good in patting myself on the back. Maybe later, when my books are published! 🙂
      Lots of love and hugz ❤

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