30 comments on “Monthly Update!

  1. Awesome cover! I’ve seen ones similar, with the up-close dragon eye, but never quite like this. The person reflected in the eye is stunning and makes the cover ‘pop’. Very unique. Very eye-catching.

    • Hey Will! 🙂
      How lovely to see you around my blog again!
      And thank you, I am very happy about the cover! Okay…I have to stop typing !!!! 🙂
      Hugz! (did it again) 🙂

  2. Glad your health is on the mend Patty. I am so excited for you and your book(s). I wish you all the success your kind heart and creative soul deserve. Keep Inspiring my Dutch friend.



  3. Patty, This post “knocks it out of the ballpark,” as they say in baseball!!!!!!!!! “Dragon Duma” trilogy starting with “She Who Listens” is perfectly all YOU with “loss and grief” & “friendship and heroism.” You, Jill, will certainly enter that world of “Drägan Duma.” It’s your escape world & dynamite for a fantasy novel!!! On top on that as if that were not enough, “My Dark Wings” & “My Light Wings” putting together poetry new & old is QUITE ambitious! So what do you do?….spell out your goals for the next month BESIDES all of the above! (which I won’t even get into how you will do all that!). –Only to say best wishes with my admiration & compliments for all you are doing despite all else you are coping/contending with! Phil

    • Thank you so much my friend! 🙂
      Yes, I am quite ambitious lol!
      But I think that the best way of making your dreams come true is fight for them with everything you have!
      Works out pretty well for me lol 😉
      Lots of love and hugz ♥

  4. Take all the time you need to recover fully. That is of greater importance than being concerned with your blog followers. Wish you a quick and full recovery, Patty. I’ve learned patience, well some small bit, over my many MANY years.

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