26 comments on “Edgar Allan Poe

  1. I remember first reading Poe in school. How different his writing was from the other “have to read” books. The subject matter was so unexpected.

  2. And as amazing as Poe was, all I could think of reading this post was Shane. Great tribute to one of the most fascinating poets/storytellers ever.

    • Yes, Shane is the brother I am talking about in the beginning of this piece. I can’t read Poe without thinking about him.
      I was quite surprised when I learned that Poe started writing after his big brother died because that’s when Shane and I started writing as well. Hmmm, poetry…there’s always a story behind it!
      Lots of love ❤

  3. Thanks for sharing this Patty. I have always ben a fan of “the raven” but haven’t explored his other work to any depth. Thanks for enlightening me.

  4. I loved Edgar Allan Poe early in life, before many on social media were born. From a dark soul, light may still shine for others to share and understand. TY Patty for reminding me and sharing.

  5. Thank you for this Patty. I must admit that my knowledge of Poe is scant, however I have become more interested in his works since the television series ‘The Following’ which is currently running series two now, where a deluded serial killer bases all his motives on the poems and works of Poe. If you can get USA programmes over there, then I strongly recommend you try to find the series, you would love it. Some of his work is too macabre for me but it would seem that he was a very clever man and I didn’t realise that the circumstances surrounding his death were unknown. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. An educational and well written article greatly enjoyed by this non-American who had only a minimal awareness of the man- thank you Patty.

  7. Patty, Your treatment of Edgar Allan Poe is a fantastic piece. The biographical sketch, how you came to be interested in him, your exacting characterization of his works, including “The Raven,” perhaps the best of his best, & those quotations of his, compose a beautiful tribute to the man & author. The body of works by Poe in his brief lifetime make him more than an American writer. He is an author that belongs to the world. You did justice here to Poe & his works, a large subject & covered by you in admirably succinct fashion. Phil

    • Thank you so much Phil!
      He really was an amazing writer who made a change in writing that is still visible today! I hope I did him justice. I guess we shall see after my brother reads it. Lol!
      Lots of love and hugz ♥

    • Thank you so much Phil!
      He really was an amazing poet and writer. I have become interested in dark poetry because of him and my little brother of course! 🙂
      Lots of Love

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