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  1. I love this! Thank You so much for sharing! It’s great to educate people. Depression can be so confusing to people who don’t have it and even those who do. Depressed mood isn’t necessarily clinical depression or a depressive disorder. I find it so frustrating when people ask me why I’m depressed because while there are definitely occasions I am depressed for a specific reason, that’s often not the case. Even doctors sometimes ask me why I’m depressed or what’s going on to make me depressed and I feel like I have to make something up or come up with something, wrack my brain searching for a valid justification. I have often felt this way, like my depression isn’t justified just being as it is. But I know that’s not true. It’s an illness that can flare up for no known reason. Just a chemical imbalance. Thank You for the reminders about doing little things to combat depression. This is something I still struggle with sometimes, lack of desire, energy, and motivation to take small steps to cope with a depressive episode. So often, I just want to give in and let it consume me completely because I just don’t have the energy to move or anything. I love reminders like this!

    • Thank you! 🙂
      I know what you mean. Mental health issues are so hard to explain to people who never had to battle them. It’s easier to break a leg so that everyone can see what is wrong with you. I am sorry that you have to battle this monster as well sometimes, it’s a vicious one for sure! Never give up though! You are a warrior!
      Lots of love

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  7. Personally I am pleased to say that I don’t think I’ve ever scraped the barrel of depression. I do see it on a daily basis with my son (bipolar autistic 12 y/o) and it is hard to watch. Part of it is the condition, part of it is the medication, and part of it is being 12 not knowing how fully express himself yet.

    This is a very informative article. My son has read it and reports that from his point of view that feeling alone, for him, is mental, and it’s a hard “monster” to shake. He’s aware we don’t fully understand everything going on in his head but he knows we try and for that he is thankful.

    • That must be hard, to see your son struggle like that.
      I am glad that you liked the article. Your son is right, this is a monster that is hard to shake off!
      Especially when you have other conditions to battle as well. Your son is a brave and heroic knight!
      And smart as well.
      Send you both love and hugz!

  8. Wonderful post. Thanks so much for sharing this. Have you listened to Dar Williams’ song “After All,” about recovering from depression? Makes me cry every time I hear it…

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  13. A great read Patty! Informative and empathetic. Most days, I’m happy to call a truce with Depression. Winning the war is a goal, always and you’ve shared some excellent strategies for those with Depression and the people who love them.

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  16. Thank you for sharing this! I know it can be very difficult to talk about subjects like this, but you’ve done a wonderful job of explaining the monster and sharing ways to fight it.

  17. Comprehensive, knowledgeable, empathetic, empowering and a lot of hard work in this well written article. You have become your own therapy and I congratulate you on fighting back.

  18. You’re right. It is a monster. I have Bipolar II with severe depression as well as the manic highs that can be just as bad. You’ve done a great job of describing this difficult condition and I thank you for your words. I think they’ll help a lot of people. Good work!

    • Thank you Steven!
      I am sorry that you have to battle as well. I have severe PTSD myself, not a walk in the park either.
      I really hope this can help people, especially family and friends from someone who is battling!
      Understanding and care can be very helpful when times are dark.
      Lots of love

  19. Thanks for this excellent article. I recollect a friend telling me about a time he was depressed. Walking into a pub he bumped into former colleagues who knew that he was suffering from depression. They finished their drinks quickly, made their excuses and left being unable or unwilling to interact with him. You are right, depression can affect anyone, Kevin

    • Thank you so much.
      It’s true, people often don’t know what to say so they just don’t say anything.
      This can make someone feel even more alone.
      Lots of love

  20. I have suffered from low self esteem which leads to bouts of depression, usually triggered by something so trivial as a stranger making a comment. But as you pointed out in your great article it is all about identifying the symptoms (with me anyway) before they take hold and I get swallowed by that great big black pit that I cannot climb out of. Thank you for posting this great article it will help loads of us who suffer or are close to people who struggle with depression.

    • Thank you so much for your comment Maria.
      I have struggled with the effects of low self esteem for years as well. I am doing better now, but like you say, it can still be triggered at any moment.
      Identifying the symptoms for yourself of someone close to you can be the first step towards healing. I hope that this article helps people understand depression better.
      Stay strong!
      Lots of love

  21. Sadly I’m very well acquainted with this monster. I suffered of one very serious burnout, a minor one but in fact I was continually depressed for the last 14 years of a 17-year period.
    This period ended 7 years ago when I left my wife and started a whole new life.
    While I still feel blue during the winters, whom doesn’t, I consider myself cured. I don’t take any meds and I don’t need them, thank you very much.

    • Thank you Franco.
      I am sorry you know this monster as well. It really is a dark one, isn’t it?
      I am glad to hear you are doing better! And without medication, that shows some real strength.
      Thank you for sharing. Stay strong.
      Lots of love

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  23. Very helpful post dear Patty. My son has a friend with depression and I always felt I can’t help her because nothing interests her or causes her joy. I will show my son your post and the step-by-step advice and ask him to talk to his friend. Thanks for a very valuable post. Heila

      • She was hopitalized in quite a bad state a day after your post, but now she’s out again and is feeling a little better. My son calls her often to see how she’s doing.

        Yes, it is such a struggle, but everyone needs to decide for himself that he/she wants to live and only then others can really help.

        HUGS back!

      • O dear! I am glad that she’s back home now! Very sweet of your son to keep in touch, I know it’s hard. My brother is suffering from depression for a while now and I am fighting really hard for him.
        Lots of love and hugz!

  24. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be the worst. It is filled with high depression and high anxiety. Some people in extreme cases have said that they feel ruined inside. It also separates them from people as well. It is difficult to treat. Heroes of war and abusive trauma who experience PTSD are courageous beyond words. Dan

    • I know Dan, I have PTSD quite severe myself and I wouldn’t wish it for anyone. The nightmares, the flashbacks, the horror inside your soul. I am very familiar with it.
      Thank you very much for your comment and caring.
      Lots of love

      • Thanks for your nice note. It was a very helpful for you to address the topic as many people have depression and PTSD and often it is hidden. People live in quiet desperation or act out the pain.

      • Very true Dan.
        I know. It’s so much easier to wear a mask and pretend everything is okay than showing your real feelings.
        Lots of love

  25. Patty, Such a comprehensive post on such a complex problem & topic……very impressive, thorough justice you did it! “Push yourself to do things,” a big piece of advice right in that! Phil

  26. Thank you, Patty. I will come right out and say I know this monstor well. I have fought it all my life. And from that battle, much beauty has been created. Yet going through it is so hard for taking the first step out of that state, is the most dfifficult. Why do I say much beauty has been created? Because in taking the first step, I head towards something as an OUTLET for that depression. This is how many of my gardens were created. When I lost 3 Loved ones in 3 months time, I became obsessed as I dug out new gardens. I had to place my feelings somewhere. And in so doing, I created much beauty.

    I had to put down 2 of my beloved cats last June. You would THINK I am over it. I am not. Just this morning found me doubled over sobbing uncontrollably, tears streaming down my face missing those boys. Asking myself if I could have done more. Yes, I could have.

    I have for the past few days been in a black space. And when this happens, I’ve learned not to fight it, for it too shall pass and the reason eventually does show itself. I am posting later today a photo of Karma with Benji, one of they boys that I had to put down, and just that photo touched an area that was not fully resolved. Is loosing someone you Love, ever resolved?

    And in the tears, the sobs that racked my entire body, afterwards, came a calm. I let go. I had to do what I had to do at the time I put Benji down, and no amount of second guessing myself, will make a difference. And playing the “If” game won’t do any good either. What is, IS.

    Also, a good many of us suffer SAD, a condtion in the winter when the cold and lack of sun occur. I admit here too, it hits me. I love Sun and being outdoors. Is moving an optional at this point in my life? Probably not. So I deal as best I can with what I do have in my life. And one of those ways is I go to the gym today!

    Thank you, Patty. Very needed information here!!! Beautifully presented!!!! (((HUGS)))

    • Thank you for your comment Amy. I am so sorry for your loss.
      Loss is something I unfortunately know a lot about. I have suffered from that way too many. And with every loss it’s like a piece of you goes with your loved one. I often wonder how many pieces I have left. But, like you said, life creates some beautiful gardens as well. Because with every new friendship we start, we get a piece of ourselves back.

      I don’t believe there is a timeframe for grieving. I lost my big brother when I was 14 but some days it’s still like I lost him yesterday.
      I would love to see that picture you are posting! Definitely going to hop over to your blog later.

      Lets all battle this monster together. Know that I care. ❤

      Lots of love

      • Patty, my deepest empathy goes to you. I truly am so sorry for the loss of your brother. They say time heals. I beg to differ.

        Those losses, my friend, have formed who we are. At times, I look into the mirror and ask what you did….just how many pieces of me are left? I look to those I Love, and know the day comes I must part with they as well. That is the heartache in Loving. When you loose that person a part of you really does go with them.

        WE can do this together. You are as strong as you are because of what you have experienced. Yet, I ask God how much stronger do I have to be, for I don’t know if I can be any stronger. It just hurts too darn much!

        Many of my sayings come out of life’s experience. Many fly over the heads of many, for in being young, or having an easy life. Those of us who “lead” are doing so because of the experiences we have had and the Wisdom we have gained.

        The post you will want to look out for is called “TAO”. Deep breath. Also, many do not realize the Love for an “animal” can be just as great if not greater then for a human. At least, for some of us this is true.

        With Love and Peace,

      • Thank you Amy.
        I believe that time heals, but some things leave scars that can be ripped open at any moment.
        It does hurt to lose someone you love. I have experienced it so many times now and every time it hits even harder.
        Animals are those who comfort us and are around us in times of sadness. They will give us love without hesitation and conditions. So of course they are just a part of the family. It’s not only losing a soul you love, you also lose a bit of unconditional love.
        So I know what you mean my friend. And I feel sad for those who don’t.
        Going to check out your blog now.
        Lots of love and hugz

  27. I suffer from depression, and have experienced clinical depression twice. I would never wish this pain on anyone. But it is possible to fight it and win. I Would love to reblog with permission

    • I am so sorry you have to battle this monster. Of course you can reblog, the more people who know about this, the better!
      You must have a lot of strength within you to fight and win! Stay strong.
      Sending you a lot of love

  28. Wonderfully written. I suffer from depression, and have had bouts of clinical depression…I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but you can fight it and win. Thank you for this article. I’d love to reblog with permission.

  29. This is one hell of a post. Kudos Patty …. it’s very well done!! Couldn’t have come from a better source …. someone who knows the “monster” first hand …..
    Please, know that I’m here for you … reach out when you need to. You know that don’t you??
    From the heart ….

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