19 comments on “Amazing Blogger: Dr. Rex

  1. To all of those who have entered Patty’s inner sanctum space and left messages related to my blog, I want to send you my most sincerest thank yous!!!
    I feel honored by your comments … and I’m glad that you find something of interests/education/fun for you!!!

    Thank you …. from the heart!!! 🙂

      • Dear Elizabeth …. I thank you for your comment. I have to say there are good days and there are bad days. The battle of life affects us all one way of the other. I try to keep my personal battles off here ….. and I tend to be positive, happy and motivational for those who may stop at “It Is What It Is” …. I also try to bring up interesting information …. from many different topics.
        All in all, I can say ….. I try to be as happy as I sound. Hugs …. from the heart!! ❤ ….

  2. What a lovely post and tribute. I have seen Dr. Rex’s gravatar but have yet to check her site. I will do so immediately. Thank you for posting. xx

  3. My dear Patty!!! This is awesome!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I really feel honored by this …. I feel so touched not that you posted this message but the fact that you feel that way. From the heart ….. THANK YOU!! I’m also honored to be able to call you my friend/lil sister … hugs!
    I’ll have to live up to your description. I promise I will continue to try my best!!!

    Reblog, of course!!

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