33 comments on “Just a little note…

  1. So I’m the new follower and I admire your direct approach, it’s one worth mass adoption! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for spending a minute with us too- we hope you like what you see and will follow along…

    -Tom & Mynx

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  3. Patty, I love you already. You are braver then me. I am working up to say the words that make people buzz. I see from a different perspective, and that perspective does believe me, upset the apple cart. I have a mouth too, and yes, I do use it. Ask my husband. Heehehehehe

  4. How refreshing to read a blog with true honesty and very strong convictions. I admire those traits in people. You say what you feel with a strong sense of confidence. No worries I will continue to follow you. If I don’t agree with your beliefs or your use of words….I will ignore it and move on. If is your blog after all.

  5. I finally found your blog. You don’t have it on your gravatar and this morning, when you commented, YAY, I saw the link to here. I just pushed the like button!! I am so glad!! xxoo, Amy

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