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    This is the first time I’ve reblogged anything. I saw it because richardankerswrites reblogged it. The “read more” link not only took me to a wonderful post but a wonderful blogger as well. The thing I have to add is that if we all stand together, we are stronger than them. I recently stood up to a bully, not online, for the first time and let me tell you, this was one hell of a bully to stand up to as a novice. There are no words to describe the feeling. There is another reason we need to stand together. I learned this somewhere. Someone taught me how. Actually it wasn’t just one person. If we stand together, we can teach others. Even if you don’t know how, stand up. Stand with others. There is strength in numbers and you will learn. One person standing up to a bully will stop that person from being bullied by that bully for a little while. A large group standing up though, that has a much stronger effect. Imagine the entire playground standing up for the one kid in the corner getting beat up for his lunch money. The big kids, the little kids, the jocks, the geeks, the ones who are scared to, but they all do it together as one. It’s like that but online.

      • You’re welcome. I felt like I had to share that one, being the victim of bullying my entire life both online and offline. The bully I stood up to, I dunno, I had decided I wasn’t going to try to do the thing I needed that day because I was terrified to be in the building but I guess I changed my mind because of encouragement and education from strangers, a LOT of education from a family member and his best friend about my rights, and I saw others who could help me but not HIM. “Keep trying,” they said, “you will find someone else.” Since our first encounter, I had learned a lot about etiquette and the subtle nuances involved in that group of people. This bully is in a position where he is supposed to HELP people. Someone else was actually listening to me and the bully appeared from nowhere, physically breaking up the conversation and I can tell his peers were afraid of him too because no one, not even the person he practically shoved aside, stepped forward. He made a few mistakes, the biggest one being he did not know his enemy. He did not know my connections (nor did the strangers who could not, by law, stand with me but they stood behind me with relentless kindness, encouragement and education – New York’s Finest). He did not know how smart I am and a head injury masked it at the time. He did not know I have PTSD and bullying by people who are supposed to look out for you is a huge trigger for me. He thought his guns would intimidate me. Um, no, not after living in some of the places I’ve lived and learning how to shoot more powerful guns than his oversized toys. When I stood up to this bully, I knew my enemy quite well. He pushed me way too far that day but by that time, I had enough people standing with me in spirit that instead of shutting down, I stood up. He asked me a question expecting me to think the answer was no when I knew with absolute certainty that it was yes, but instead of answering, I countered with a question of my own, one he was legally obligated to answer because he had approached me. INSTANTLY, I was now the one in control, in front of the people he was trying to impress. I’d like to say I made him look like a moron, but I didn’t. I just let him do it on his own.

        With the education so kindly given me, I knew he was intentionally setting me up for failure because he knew what my 2nd question would be and acted so unprofessionally in trying to stop me from getting what I needed, I still can’t believe what I saw. I ignored his sardonic behavior and responded as if he was acting correctly when he offered what I was going to ask next, but I knew the language he used, while innocuous and normal in most situations would be construed as offensive. I knew this because I had people standing with me, even though they were not physically there. I questioned the language and asked if those were the words I was supposed to use and knew he was lying through his teeth when he said yes. I KNEW MY ENEMY. I went where I was told, waited for the door to close, and just asked for help. I explained the situation and allowed myself to be visibly upset. He had also sent me to someone on a lunch break… but this person helped me and it took THREE MINUTES of his time to give me what I needed. The bully may have sent me to someone eating lunch, but he sent me to a real man, one who did the right thing, and the eyeroll when I told him what I was supposed to say to him and who told me this told me so much.

        Seeing me gathering my belongings so quickly, the bully came in ready to do a victory dance, looking to me and the man on his break and asking what was the answer, thinking that sending me to someone technically not working at the time would make his wrong answer right, if that makes sense. I didn’t answer him, just flicked my eyes at him and went back to what I was doing. My mask was back on as soon as I saw him, an unreadable poker face. I do not know what nonverbal communication took place between the man on break and the bully, but the bully showed his disappointment that I got what I needed as if I wasn’t even there, in the manner a 2 year old might. I pretended not to notice. Somehow, I was able to pretend he was acting appropriately with a straight face the entire time, even when he got in my face and said VERY sarcastically, “well I’m glad you got the matter resolved.” Then he held the door open for me and I was back out where that large group of his peers was, and appearing to be completely sincere, as if he was not the bully I had been battling for weeks but someone else, profusely thanked him for helping me get to the right person to help me. All those people, his peers, who were afraid to step in and help me when there was a great imbalance of power, I wanted them to know that I did go RIGHT through this guy and I DID get what I needed.

        I know the peers he was also intimidating noticed a change in posture in that instant when the balance of power shifted. I know they belong to the same group and know what he did was wrong and his instructions were wrong. I wanted them to know that his tactics didn’t work with me, so maybe THEY, his peers, would be less afraid of him. In that moment, I wanted to show them that this overgrown toddler isn’t so scary and they don’t need to be afraid. I wanted to give to them some of what so many had given to me. In Improv 101, you learn about something called status. It has nothing to do with power or job title or anything, it’s more about how you act. In a skit with two people, usually one will act with higher status and the other with lower status. All I did was suddenly and unexpectedly change my status from very low, letting him verbally batter me, to high, answering a question with a question and with body language making it clear I expected an answer. In a skit, if one changes status, the other should adjust. The bully went from low to about a -5 on a scale from 0 to 10. But through the whole thing, I, as the consumer, acted professionally despite the bully’s behavior and not knowing what possessed me to approach the group when I was terrified to be in the building. I’m proud of myself. I handled things right that day. It wasn’t until I was far away that a grin spread from ear to ear, and I really do hope the bully’s peers see what happened and become less afraid of him. I did what I had to in order to get what I needed, and the bully seemed to have made it his personal quest to stand in the way, maybe because he didn’t want to do 3 minutes of one of the less exciting parts of his job, and it was obvious he was trying to impress his peers. It was not my intent to embarrass him, that was simply icing on the cake. And really, that is how it should be. I did nothing malicious, I only did what I needed to do and he forced me to step on him by not allowing me to simply go around him. It looks to me like he has self esteem issues and needs to prove his worth by hurting others, and his job is to help, making it that much worse.

        I found inner strength that day, strength I didn’t know I had. But I know where it came from – other people standing with me in whatever way they could. I did it right that day. I did nothing inappropriate or mean. I’m not sure what exactly made me stand up to this bully, and for my first time, he was one HELL of a bully to stand up to. I was on very thin ice.

        But that feeling… it’s so unique. I want to share it with others. I’m still learning myself and have tried again with less dangerous bullies a couple times and things didn’t go as well. I think the difference was partly that I didn’t have so many people standing with me. I’ve had people stand up for me a couple times in the past and I’ve learned from watching. But there is nothing like the feeling you get standing up for yourself successfully for the first time with a big group of people by your side, however they can be there. Bullying is bullying, whether it be online of offline. There are real people typing those words and real people being affected by them.

        I apologize for the long post, but it’s hard not to share the story and even harder to give just enough detail to emphasize the enormity of the bully I finally stood up to, but not enough details to identify him. That is how amazing the feeling is when you do it yourself for the first time and the only way I have ever done it right is with help. I reblogged because this issue is important to me and I want to be part of that group that enables a person to have that strength I found that day. I am saddened to hear that the haters have made it onto WP.

        If anyone needs help on twitter specifically, and blocking a user isn’t working, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. The @RepWeiner account still exists and is still following me and that taught me more than a few things about haters on twitter. Send them to me. If I can look at a screen, I can help.

        I’m also curious… what is the wolf pack?


      • Hey Danielle,
        Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! It must have taken so much courage to stand up like someone like that! I can only say that I have the most respect for how you dealt with this. Like you said, inner strength is one of the most important things here. You never know how strong you really are until you have been tested. Did you make a blog post of this on your own blog? If you didn’t I would say that it might be a great help for people if you did because it’s a excellent example of dealing with bullies!

        The wolf pack is something I have come up with. I adore wolves because of their family ties, so I always call my family and friends ‘my pack’.
        On WordPress I met some incredible people who I hold very dear and I decided I wanted to show them in a special way. I created the Semper Fidelis Award for them and invited them into my pack of wolves. Others have taken on this idea and so the WordPress Wolf Pack was born! Basically, it’s a group of friends who will support each other, defend each other and help each other. Because everyone has his or hers own special friends, the pack is getting bigger and bigger! It’s very cool! 🙂

        Lots of Love

      • I have not blogged about this directly, though the poem 3 Letters has a note saying when it was written and went out via email but didn’t show up and it was written on a special day.

        Because of the nature of the incident, I have to be pretty vague. The fact that guns were involved is somewhat identifying but important to the story. Putting it on your blog as a comment helped me be able to give enough detail but not enough for anything to happen aside from the same person somehow coming across it and trying to bully me more. The one who helped me, I later saw him around and probably with 2 people outside that office, you’re supposed to ask before going in. But I was so excited to be able to cross paths again, and didn’t think thanking him 3000 times that day meant much, I just ran inside and made sure the people outside heard me say his name before the door closed. I wanted to let him know that what he started for me had been completed fully and I had what I need, just in time. In a better frame of mind, I was able to offer a sincere thank you and I explained that I was frustrated because I had tried so many times but hey is the bully around? No? He stopped me every single time with lies and intimidation, telling me I can’t and I really do appreciate him taking the time to help me on his lunch break. He said some guys just don’t get it.

        I still don’t know how to correctly pronounce the bully’s name and this is a building that would take a few hours of my day to avoid. I look for him now and we haven’t crossed paths. But next time I see him, I’m going to smile and say hi and try to address him by name. Every time I see him, assuming it’s not so often it becomes obnoxious. Hopefully he corrects my pronunciation the first time and I can note the phonetic pronunciation where I wrote down his name. I couldn’t remember it the second time I saw him that day and he knew I was having memory issues so I apologized and used the first letter of his name. Maybe he will figure out that I’m trying to learn an unusual name and putting effort into it. Maybe my own behavior will improve his life and the lives of others. I will treat him with the same respect I always have, but fear will be replaced by friendliness. Some guys just don’t get it. Murphy’s law states that I will need help from that same group of people again sometime for something urgent and he will be there that day. Maybe he will act differently toward someone he associates with friendliness. I’m doing this for my own protection primarily and hoping it helps others, including the bully. He makes everyone afraid and probably sees little kindness during his day. I’m a nice person in general and we’ve had enough conversations to be acquaintances by now, so why not continue? I’ll feel good from being nice and maybe he will lose his immunity to that particular contagion. Who knows… It’s part of building my own self esteem as well.

        You see, I’m never going to be intimidated by this guy again, ever. I’m good at transferring skills between areas of life and when writing fiction, show don’t tell, right? He has the ability to make my life hell but nothing bad will come of showing this guy a little kindness. It’s amazing how a little thing like a smile can improve someone’s mood sometimes. Add in kindness and politeness and it seems to multiply the effect.

        I don’t mind if you wait some time and post what I wrote as an example. The details don’t need to be changed. I just would like a little time to pass between my comment and “an example one of your readers gave you.”

        I see you’ve read some of my blog. Thanks for the follow. You’ve seen my dog. Actually I need to edit that post and credit a friend for taking the photo, which I then heavily edited, removing a table or something. He did teach me a lot, including effective use of those pearly whites…

        I’m not sure if you’ve read my posts about Damien and Te. If you haven’t, I think my blog starts with the first post in that story. Start at the bottom if you choose to read it. Blog entries allow me to experiment with style, so it’s not going to read like a book. If you have or don’t want to, here is the current situation. He has butted heads with the elders in the forest and been in a tree licking his physical and emotional wounds since my migraines got bad and I’ve described a nightmare in detail trying to convey a feeling remembered and brought up by one of Ksenia Anske’s novels. What hasn’t been written yet are the changes made by the elders during this time. Perhaps Damien will have a series of encounters with a big powerful elder, maybe someone voted in while he was in the tree… I find that creating fiction forces me to have a deeper understanding. I have not really developed the elders as characters, just a group with authority and Damien is feeling angry and resentful toward them right now.

        A bullying incident, or a bunch is a great idea. Another person suggested writing about this and I had forgotten. Thanks for giving me the idea, even if indirectly and not the first time… It’s the RIGHT time.

        I am starting to see you as a friend. You are wonderful and supportive and I love how you always sign with”Lots of Love.”


      • I can understand why this would be a heavy post for you to place on your own blog, so I am even more glad that you could tell you story here. Because it’s a important story. Not just about a very big bully and how you dealt with him by finding you inner strength, but also a story about having a big heart and understanding for people. Like you say, kindness goes a long way. People will forget your face, they will forget your words, but they will never forget a act of kindness or a friendly approach. I really am in aw how you are handling all this! I am all for being kind and loving, but I don’t know if I would have a heart as big as yours to be friendly to a person like that. Looks like I could learn something from you Danielle! 🙂

        I will certainly check out more of your blog when I got time. I am very curious! 🙂
        And thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot to me because I do believe we bloggers have to help and support each other! 🙂
        My poetry may be dark sometimes, I try to keep my soul in the light for sure.
        I hope you will have a good day.

        Lots of love

  2. Very true…we got to get at em. I am the nemesis, and I am against bullying. Just haters in the world, filled with boredom. I will find and kick their butts

  3. We all move in different circles on wordpress and other blogs I am going to reblog this in support. Great work standing up for the underdog keep on support.

    • It’s very sad that you use such bad language Patty, because your motivation to protect others is very good but I feel you need to clean up your own presentation first although I do agree, correction should always be in Love and for Love and not be offensive.

      To be honest I would rather someone find fault openly on my Blog as some have done, than stab me behind my back, by running me down to others, which only shows their own lack not mine, some have also deleted my comments without explanation which is ignorance or they have deliberately ignored my comments, which is rudeness.

      Before you get upset with Barb, I asked her to delete her Reblog of your Post, so blame me, not her, and I did so because she is a new Christian and needs guidance, but we did discuss why it was needed and she agreed that as Christians, we don’t accept or promote what God calls wrong and bad language and abusive name calling is wrong and He also warns us about using them too, I do hope your Blog is not G rated.

      But I did feel Patty as I expressed to Barb and she agreed that in your message you were trying to protect others from abuse when Blogging and from giving up Blogging because of it and with having been a victim myself of Hacking as well as abuse, this I commend you for and Barb too, which is why she Re-blogged your Post but did not realize the danger.

      Kind regards – Anne

      P.S I will understand if you do not Post my comment Patty but please take it to heart, you can still express your feelings and warn others without it being offensive.

      • Hello Anne,
        Thank you for taking the time to comment. But like I said on top of the post you are referring to: If you don’t like it, don’t read it.
        I did apologized upfront for the use of foul language in this post and even put a warning above it. So I don’t feel the need to explain myself any further.
        I also don’t feel the need to clean up my presentation. This is me. Maybe you don’t approve and that’s fine.
        I don’t judge and it would be nice if you could say the same. I do find it weird that you tell others what they can or can’t place on their blogs, guidance or not.
        Of course I would never get upset with Barb, it’s a free world and she can do whatever she wants.
        I am glad you have found something you can stand for. I can respect that, but I would like if you respect me for being who I am. Non religious and Non judgmental.
        I fight for everyone, because we are all human. And I refuse to look the other way if people I care about are being harassed.
        But you would know that I almost never use these kind of words if you had take the time to actually read my blog instead of judging me on one post.
        Lots of love

  4. That is terrible that people are bullying other people. I HATE that! If someone gets a comment that is bullying from me – it is NOT from me! I don’t bully and I HATE BULLIES!!!

  5. Thanks for this. I’ve been a target of online bullies for about 15 months now. After I reported them to the internet service providers, they started using proxy IP addresses. If anyone has that problem, let me know and I’ll be happy to share with you how to stop it. My blog is blackbutterfly7 on Word Press.

    Not only have they impersonated me using my handle, but they also impersonate using what they believe to be my real name.

    There’s a saying that hurting people hurt others. I can’t imagine how much the bullies must hurt but regardless, I’m not going to allow them to verbally vandalize my blog, nor force me to delete my blog.

    • 15 months! I take a bow for you not giving up! That shows a lot of spirit.
      I am sorry you are going through this. If I can be of any help, let me know.
      Lots of love

      • Thanks for the offer. Right now, I think that law enforcement handled the situation. The bullying trolls have stopped sending comments to my blog, although they continue slander on their blogs. Considering the source of the slander, and that it started in Sept. 2012, they have accomplished nothing other than destroying their own credibility.

      • That’s good! Mostly they are hurting themselves the most by bullying another. But I know that, even when you are tough, it still stings that people choose you as their victim. Their lives must be so sad and boring! Keep your head up Xena, you are a example for the rest of us!
        Lots of love

      • Thanks. I wish that Word Press had a queue to retain comments for LE other than the moderation queue. Spam automatically deletes every 15 days, and the trash also automatically deletes.

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    To All My Dear Readers,
    It as come to my attention many Blogger’s that I follow have received Very Negative and Hurtful Comments. I have also read that the comments were not made by the “Site Owner” their account was Hacked. I would like to Encourage All to please set your comments to Moderate. Should You receive an e-mail with negative comments delete them. This Saddens me as Many Blogger’s share their personal journeys. Bullying in our Community Is Not To Be Tolerated! We Must All Support One Another!

  7. Dearest PetiteMagique,
    My name is Anastasia. I follow Desiree of Sea of Desire.
    I’m Very Saddened to hear that you were a Victim of “Bullying”. Whether it was direct or by “Hacking” this is Not to Be Tolerated. We Must All Support one another here on WordPress.
    Please know I support you, and will reblog to Spread The Word.
    Your New Friend, and Follower,

  8. Howdy Patty. I have not been around much the past week. Busy with my boys and the difficult pooch. I am just now seeing all of these posts which discuss this stuff. I think it is terrible. I have dealt with cyber bullying before – not on WP. It sucks.

  9. All I can suggest is to set the comments up for sign-ins only.. and aside from the wonderful akismet widget provided by wordpress… set the comments up for moderation. I can understand, though, how some kids, and other folks may be insecure with themselves these days, therefore, don’t really need to read what some people have to say… I am a moderator on a Christian Chat Site.. and it is sadly amusing at times, and pitiful what some “Trolls” will say… but, they are just out to try and “get peoples goat” and that’s the thing to remember mostly.. is that they are bored with their own existence, and by some warped since of reality .. they consider bashing people as fun.

    • Very true. I do moderate the comments I get, but I let most of them through because I know that there are people out there who will receive these nasty comments in their mailbox and don’t know what to do with them. Bullies are everywhere, sadly, and I can’t never ignore them because I know that they can do some real damage to someone.
      Lots of love

  10. I haven’t experienced this much, but I know it does happen. I would suggest deleting the comments and blocking the users. Assholes only get gratification if you react to their ignorance, if you ignore it, it really makes them mad.

    • I agree with you for the most part. But I know they hurt some people and I can’t ignore that. I simply can’t when there are teenagers and other vulnerable people on here who get picked on. So, I will make a stand. They can all come and harass me as much as they like, because I don’t care.
      I agree, let’s ignore them, until they are going too far and make people I like quit blogging.
      Lots of love

  11. I abhor bullying of any kind. I didn’t even know that it was possible for someone to hack in and do this. Like so many other commenters here I would not allow it to shut me down but, as Desiree said, it must be upsetting to first read hostility in your inbox. I’ve never had this happen to me and have always been amazed at how generous and kind other bloggers are with their comments. That is the kind of community we belong to. And it must remain so through our efforts.
    Thank you for publicizing this otherwise I would be shocked if such a thing were to occur. The wolf pack howls. About to reblog to do my share of howling. 🙂 x

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment!
      Yes, most of the bloggers on here amaze me with their kind nature and lovely comments. Unfortunately, there are idiots everywhere. But we can handle it together!
      Lots of love and hugz!

  12. This is the first I’ve heard of this on WP and thank you for sharing it. I let my FB page go for this reason and felt safe here… So sad that such a powerful tool for sharing insights is being used this way.

  13. You go Patty! Same from me, I don’t leave any hurtful comments and I ignore people who do. Not worth my time. However, thanks for the heads up.

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    Unfortunately, I did receive my first very hurtful comment this week from what I presume was a hacker. It knocked the wind out of me for a couple of minutes but then I remembered that I have power and control over my own life. Don’t let the bullies win!!

  15. Erik and I were hit at the same time by the same hacker. It really does hurt at first, but I was reminded that I do have power and control — and they will not shut me down. 🙂 Thank you, Patty. I will be reblogging very shortly!!

  16. I am fortunate enough to have avoided nasty comments or bullying on my blog. Part of me thinks that I’m doing something wrong! But going as far as to hack to leave negative comments? Surely, people can find better uses of their time.

    • You would think they would! But obviously they think this is a very lovely hobby.
      I am glad you haven’t had any of those nasty comments yet! And I hope you won’t get them either.
      But it seems to get more and more common, so I think people should know about this.
      Lots of love

  17. Patty, Bullies can’t hurt us when we stand together. You are so right! If anyone receives a nasty comment from me, I didn’t write it. Or it was a bizarre typo. Hugs, Brenda

    • Thank you.
      That’s good! Don’t let them get to you. I am letting these comments through because I want to show my friends that most of us gets these nasty comments sometimes. And to show those assholes they can’t get to me.
      Lots of love!

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    There you have it!! We know you are here lurking somewhere! There are more of us!!! We won’t let your meager, cowardly actions silence us.
    We are here to stay. OUR community is strong …… We all are ONE!!! Crawl. back under the rock you came from!!!! There!!!

      • Very true. But so is not caring. I will take that chance, I have been cold and dark for a long time and it hasn’t brought me anything.
        I hope someday you will take a leap of faith. Because without empathy, this world would be even darker than it is now.

      • I think you are quite mistaken. I am not insensitive, as such, I have just had a lot worse done to me. Is that some kind of threat?

      • I am sorry you have been through a lot. It’s a shame that you can’t have any sympathy for others though. You don’t know the things that I went through, but it actually wasn’t a walk in the park either. I sympatize with people because I have been through, and am still going through rough times. You have to forgive my brother, he’s protective because we are dealing with a lot of people that judge before they think lately.

      • Well I never said I have no sympathy at all. Just it is hard, if someone types something at someone.it.is different.from things that are more physical or with the intimidation of presence. I have become kind of.numb after some time. I am sure there are people who.would find it hard to.sympathise with me also. Although there are different sides to.this. the one upmanship side of things is.more accuratly bullyish. Like animalistic carnal rivalry, or ownership.

      • I know what you mean, but you have to try and look at it this way: there are people on here, myself included that share stories about what happened to them. Sometimes very heartbreaking stories they have never told anyone. If some idiot is leaving them a hurtful comment about something that still hunts them, that can be very hurtful. Like, for example, someone is being misused in their childhood. And then a asshole comes along and say ‘I bet you deserved it you bitch’. A comment like that can bring back the nasty shit that happened to that person. That’s not right. This community has to be safe, not offensive or hurtful.
        Or a teenage girl, that has been bullied for ages. She decides to blog, gets comfortable and for the very first time she post a picture of herself. A asshole comes along and says she is so damn ugly. This is not right either.
        Some people who are getting bullied on the internet are having these experieces for months now. And I am not someone who ignores this. I will always defend people who need it. That’s just who I am. So I can see where you stand, but I just ask you to take a closer look before judging.
        Lots of love

      • Well to some this is just banter or the types of things they say to each other down the pub. There is a lot of bitchyness in the media. Where would eminem or familly guy be if it were not for people who make mistakes, fuck shit up or are in some way different or unusual.

      • It’s not that I don’t get that. I am Dutch pal, you have to try real hard to offend me. But I am looking out for those who are more sensitive. Displaying your opinion is good, saying what you think is good. Just have to think about it before saying things. I don’t mind if people call me crazy because I have PTSD. Maybe I am. But if I was raped although my childhood and someone would say I deserved it? I would raise hell. Because that’s not pub talk. That’s just being mean. And that’s what I am trying to explain here, not all so called funny stuff is funny.

      • Well you are telling me too not judge when I was just airing a view without aggression. Then you tell me too think about what I am saying when you clearly are judging me and not thinking about what you are saying. This is ridiculous.

      • Well bitch is a strong word. Perhaps a little reflection.could have been wise. My original statement was.short and could have been understood.in a couple of.different ways. So maybe ask me why? Or how is this.so.in future.

      • If you know on forehand that your comment can be understood in different ways, why not make it a bit more clear in the first place?
        I must be the dumbest person on this earth, but why are you still holding on to your opinion that online bullying is not that big of a deal Matthew?

      • I was saying to me personally I.find it hard to sympathise because I have suffered worse. Anyway I wanna live in a lighthouse and get married in a forest, just sayin

      • Yeah well it would be ok in the summer, or the snow. Well doing things outdoors.is.cool.

      • I would like that, I.enjoy kicking leaves around with kids, although you never know.who has been walking their dogs

      • I.dunno I just fly.through wordpress. It is my.english lesson. It is hard to say anything about.others work as you never know who it is aimed for and that means different people think.differently.about it. So.a lot of cristism is.invalid from a personal perspective

      • That is right. But to some work you can relate. That’s why I like poetry. You can mostly relate to it because it means something to you. Although it might not be exactly like the writer meant it. You say it’s your English lesson? Where are you from?

      • England. Well I used to fall asleep in english and would rather write poetry about war poetry than an essay. Although my attitude and way of mind was more suited to a free school, the school was a standard english poorboy school

      • Lol. I have the attention span of a humming bird, so I can’t say that I payed much attention in class. A free school wouldn’t have worked on me, if I had even more freedom at school I probably wouldn’t have done anything at all. Just drawing and writing all day long!
        Hmmm, I should check out some of your poetry when I got the time.

      • Drawing and writing all day could have lead to many things. Like graphic design for advertising, animation. And writing of journalism, song writing. I am sure you get the idea

      • That’s how I started as well. Can you send me your blog address? For some reason, I can only get to your gravatar page and you don’t have your writings on there, so it’s no use. 😉

      • I am going to check it out. Who knows? I might like it. 😉 And that picture that shows up with your comment? That’s your gravatar. If you click on it, you come to a sort of information page. Usually, you can find someone’s blog there.

      • If you go to your Dashboard and click on Users and then on My Profile you will get there. Your gravatar is displayed on the right and you can edit your information and change the picture it shows if you would like that.

      • I do not mind the picture, although I could place in one with my profile address written on it. Although I have not put a drawing app on my smartphone so it will go on the list of things I will eventually get round to doing at the library if I remember too. Good idea though

      • Cool thanks. If you like dark look for Jesus loves you, fish tank girl, some of friction of mashed chronicles and alienz.

      • I know. I don’t have a clue how it works on the app either. I only use it to reply to comments or check posts. I use my laptop for the rest.

      • And once again I was not judging, that was my opinion on the matter, you are accusing me without insight

      • No, I am trying to explain something to you.
        You are a stubborn one aren’t you?
        Sigh, I am only asking you to try and see it from another view, but you are only defending yourself and your opinion. I am not accusing you!
        Well, maybe of being stubborn. True, I have accused you of that.

      • Well stop digging that hole. Stop assuming and try a conversationn or go.and join.an activist group.or have a go at someone who is genuinly cruel and horid

      • Lovely.
        You come to my blog to give me your opinion, a opinion I never asked for in the first place.
        I have tried to stay polite, but you are clearly having a huge problem with people trying to let you think for a change. That’s fine. If you don’t want to try and see someone else’s view, then don’t. But stop being a ass about it and saying that I judge you or assume things. You are starting to annoy me Matthew. Don’t like me? Good, but don’t visit my blog anymore.
        Have a good day

      • I was airing a view. You are simply angry because I am right about something. That is unfair and of poor judgement. My ex girlfriend was exactly.the same.

      • I am not angry at all Mathhew. Just annoyed. You don’t want to see me angry, trust me. (no, this is not a treat, before you are going to assume it is) I am glad you are still standing behind your opinion, after all I have told you about bullying. That just makes it clear to me that I was right about you in the first place. Although I tried really hard to give you a chance to prove me wrong

      • No you are trying to push me in a corner to.prove your point. I find it.hard to.sympathise with online bullying because I have had worse. Now you try and make me look like an online bully. Where with me you could have found understanding and resolution you have merely caused a problem for a breif.moment.

      • You have no idea what it’s like to be pushed into a corner if you are really thinking that that’s what I am doing. You don’t have to answer me, you don’t have to visit my blog, you are completely free to do whatever. I have no intention to make you look like anything. The reason that I am still replying to you at all is that I think there must be mote to you than what you have showed me so far. And again, I am not the one who causes any problems. I didn’t come to your blog, you came to mine.

      • What do you think of Nicholas cage. I like Nicholas cage, I think he is underrated and he still has some serious mainstream potential in cinema?

      • Changing the subject are we? Lol, you made me smile. 🙂
        Okay, I like Nicholas Cage. I think he’s a good actor, but he somehow keeps choosing the wrong scripts. I think he was brilliant in Face Off.

      • Yes I.agree. I have not.got face off in my direct recollection. The last.film I.saw.him in was the ghost rider 2. I think he is kind of explosive as in, in the wrong hands he would be in the wrong place but set him off right and he could make beautiful, alarming fireworks. I think he definitly works better in adult roles than he would in familly.films. My favorite.memory of him was in this tack 80’s or 90,s vampire movie where he was battling with himself not.to kill people. The mental torture was projected quite well by him. Although I do.not think it was a major popular film or.anything

      • No you’ll have to do a keyword and actor search on imdb.com or other movie site. Sorry

  19. Excellent post Patty.. I am still shocked that people actually do this. Unbelievable! I will reblog in the next couple of days… I hope that you friends that have been affected are okay. 😦

      • I did not know that was going on even though 1 blogger contacted me to not reblog his posts, at the time did not view it as bullying, and is that not what WP is about…write…read…rebolg

        have a great day


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