19 comments on “Dark Poetry: Revenge

  1. love to read it and i do remember my fav. poem’s last line
    “i have promises to keep” stopping by wood on a snowy evening

  2. Patty, I got a kick out of reading the other comments here. I never read other people’s comments & I should! First, I sent Fr. Eddie some TLC as you requested. His “About” is quite something re his life endurances. And as for your “Revenge,” hard to believe these words are not meant personally to someone by you defending a family member of yours. In other words, “this ain’t poetry to help another person based on your experiences of life.” Sounds like Patty pretty pissed off!!! And you do it so very well! Growl! The wolf has become a tiger or lionesse!!! Very appealing, you. Phil

    • Thank you for visiting Eddie! I really appreciate it.
      And yes, I was quite mad when I wrote this. I stop being nice when someone hurts my family. So, I thought I should write about it! 🙂
      Have a wonderful weekend!
      Hugz ♥

  3. Oooh… gave me shivers. Really really enjoyed this Patty. Love the image as well. Sets it off beautifully. You are very talented. And now I am scared… LOL. 🙂

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