9 comments on “Dark Poetrics: Crawling

  1. Patty, Poetrics reading should include “must listening”…..to the music/song…..Reading your “Crawling” & then listening to Linkin Park’s “Crawlinf…so good…brought me back to your reading words., your poem. YOU KNOW they go together & complement, feed on one-another. Now I KNOW THAT BETTER. I’ve listened before with another Poetrics poem & music, but this was so powerful together! Phil

    • Thank you Phil.
      Yes, Linkin Park has actually a great influence on my writing. I love rock music in general, but what I love most about this band is that, although the lyrics are mostly dark the singers voice is always strong! I can easily relate to this in some way. I guess that’s why I love making a Poetrics from a Linkin Park song. They touch something deep within.
      Lots of love and hugz

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