12 comments on “The Parliament Award! :)

  1. I never knew about owls and a Parliament. I must say, though, that the timing of this award is impeccable. I have been watching the Harry Potter marathon on cable for the three days now. (I have thrown some Star Wars marathon in, as well). I cry my eyes out every time Hedwig dies. What a beautiful and loyal owl he was. He died protecting Harry. 😉

  2. Patty, Kudos to you on receiving Eddie’s Parliament Award. You & Eddie have now taught me that a family of owls is called a Parliament! And Owls being the symbols of wisdom and love, you certainly deserve this honor for the deep thoughts you convey & the spirit of kindness you spread. In addition, I am humbled that in the process of nominating others, you have included me for my modest efforts on excuseusforliving.com —Thanks so very much. I am honored & appreciate this compliment. Phil

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