7 comments on “Duet poem with How Anxious: Those days remembered

  1. Patty, You talked about writing a love poem this weekend & you DID SO with How Anxious! How complex a tail of love you both weaved together, your subjects disagreeing on the details of what they once shared or did not. I have read it three times & I am sure I will read it again & again until I am satisfied that I have mastered its complex meaning. …..her memory or his, fantasy or real, Imagined or experienced. — a very good read like a painting or a piece of classical music….then attempting to explore its depths. Phil

    • Thank you my friend! 🙂
      I really love writing duets because you can’t really tell where the poem might take you until it’s finished. I am very pleased how this one turned out. How Anxious is a great poet and I admire his style. I really liked writing with him. 🙂
      And that idea of me writing a duet with Danny still stands. Just have to convince him! Lol 😉
      Lots of love and hugz ♥

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