11 comments on “Poetry: Come and find me

  1. Patty, You are so kind with your time to respond so readily. I am spread so thin with my time….so many people in my past profession & present life & growing family. Young adult fantasy….very intriguing! And poetry for your sanity!……explains how you rapidly fire the poetry out!!! I Googled autoimmune disease &, naturally, it scares the hell out of me reading the shopping list of diseases. We probably should not be discussing this here. Forgive. But great that you are able to write through your “down” seasons of autumn & winter. Hope you have one of the lesser conditions. I have hypoglycemia which affects the immune system also. The worst symptom is lack of energy to the brain, manifesting itself into poor coping skills, everything/anything being too much, not physical energy….that’s OK. With my Nurse wife Geri’s help, I manage it with diet, vitamins & mineral supplements. Ah, pasta recipes! I try to do one periodically to spice things up! PastaPosts get the most hits, but this past “France 2013” was way up there for some reason. –Travel! Working on a post now for the 50th anniversary of the loss of JFK. BE “WELLER”!!! Phil

  2. Patty, You are pouring out with love here! My compliments! Your heart is filled with so much loving things. I’ve become a fan for sure! How do you do it? First sick, then writing once again. How DO you do it? I am starting to conclude that you are a fulltime professional writer! Must be. You give it your all. It is you life day or night. You breath it…I can tell…the mind does not stop…it flows out. Phil

    • Thank you so much for those lovely words! And I am very glad that you saw the love in this poem because I did write this with that intention for sure! 🙂
      I am a writer, but I am not a poet. I am actually a writer of young adult fantasy. Poetry is something I do on the side to prevent my head from exploding! Lol 🙂
      And unfortunately, I am sick almost all autumn and most of the winter because of my autoimmune disease. But luckily, writing is something I can do even when I am sick. 🙂
      Lots of love to you and I can’t wait until there’s a new pasta recipe! 🙂

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