17 comments on “Dark Poetry: Welcome back

      • If you don’t mind me asking how did you get into dark poetry? I’m fascinated by it. I can’t answer why because growing up I absolutely hated poetry as I just couldn’t grasp the concept. I always failed the poetry assignments! But I love poetry now, just don’t give me an assignment! Lol

      • I don’t mind at all! I actually have written poetry ever since my big brother died. I was 13 at the moment and faced all these feelings I couldn’t handle. So, I started writing them down in kind of a poetry form as a way to keep my sanity and look okay to the outside world. I never had read poetry, so I didn’t really knew anything about it! Lol. I still don’t know much about it to be honest. 😉
        But writing still is a way for me to unleash my wandering thoughts and a way to keep myself light and positive the rest of the time. Also, my little brother writes dark poetry and I love his poems so I guess my writing style adepts to his a bit.
        Lots of love and hugz

  1. Love your dark poetry. Not sure where it comes from…hopefully not anywhere which causes you pain now. I now if I wrote right now it would be painful.

    • Thank you Rene.
      Sometimes it comes from deep within, things from my past. Sometimes it’s caused by events in the present. Writing is a great way to get rid of some dark feelings.
      Yes, it can hurt. But it can also heal.
      Lots of love to you

      • Thanks for the words. I have written much but kept it only on the computer, password protected even. I just can’t seem to get the courage to publish it here or anywhere else. I also have some real triggers and a person who continually challenges my temper, and I have to keep my mouth shut and hibernate as not to cause pain for both of us. If I had a good support network, or even someone here, physically, I think I could do it. But, alas, not at the present time.

      • I understand. I write since I was 13, but I always kept it for myself until this year. (Am 32 now)
        I would never had the courage to publish these if it weren’t for some very supportive people around here. My dark poetry is sometimes heavy to deal with for some of the people in my near surroundings. But I have chosen to no longer hide who I am. This is me, I have a light and a dark side. Maybe I hurt someone in my journey to become who I am and that’s difficult. But wearing a mask just to make others happy, I just can’t do that anymore.
        If you ever want to share your writing without being judged, you can always contact me. It’s nice and helpful to have some support and feedback for what you creating.
        Lots of love

      • That is a great offer. Perhaps I will go through some of it, and send it on to you. Is there a way to contact you on your page?

  2. Patty, Today the nightmares are what you are expressing, you have taught me, & not necessarily what you are feeling. This is a new experience for me, if I understand correctly, separating what & how you feel from what you write about. I guess it’s akin to acting out a role on the stage for your audience as a writer & then you step out of that role to live the upbeat & full life that you lead. Learning from you…..if I’ve got it right! Phil

    • Thank you Phil.
      Actually, these are my thoughts and feelings.
      I am sorry, I know this must be confusing!
      I have lived a life of many years in just a few. But like I told you before, I will also sometimes write someone else’s feelings when they are close to me. It’s even confusing for me sometimes! 🙂
      I sometimes write dark to stay in the light the rest of the time. If that makes any sense at all.
      Lots of love

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