44 comments on “How To…Make and edit a fantasy self-portrait.

  1. Hi Patti. Seems like a long time since I’ve been here, yet less than a year. You are still teaching vital things, and I’m looking forward to reading your poetry again. I’ve always loved angels, and your Dark Angel and my Kentucky Angel go well together.

  2. Interesting post, thanks for sharing your tips! Might try my hand at it, will let you know if I end up with something worthwhile 🙂

  3. Thank you for the detailed explanation with the photo edits. I’ve tried the IPiccy program and loved it. For sure I will use it later.
    My fave program for the images is Sumopaint.com. It’s for free too. Somewhat basic Photoshop.
    Best wishes.

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  5. What a great article Patty, I’m really a novice at photography and I will find this a great help, I can’t wait to try this out. Your presentation is superb.
    Happiness and sweet dreams my dear friend. Lots of love and Hugz, James x

  6. Wow, that’s fabulous! Good job making the photo. I didn’t know it rains the whole season in Holland. No wonder my ancestors moved to the United States . . . and chose southwestern Michigan where it’s gloomy 3/4 of the year ;).

  7. Patty, Weekend? Well, I guess you never said “weekend off”! This is so fantastic, instructive, I could not say enough about how good it is. how good you are! You are an excellent teacher, you must know! Trust me as a retired educator. You are so clear & keep it simple & direct! I am learning, also, that you are a hard person to keep up with! Admiration! Phil

    • Hahaha, no I didn’t say weekend off! 😉
      Thank you so much for your great comment Phil! 🙂
      I was actually a teacher before I became a writer and I just can’t resist to educate! 🙂
      Lots of love

  8. Do you understand French? If yes tell me, is easier for me communicate in French or Spanish.
    But I’m doing effort for saying you that your creativity is wonderful. That you are very generous and a a beautiful model 🙂 ! I’ll follow your guidelines , but i don’t think would be so nice as yours 🙂 I’m not an Angel hehehehee

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