9 comments on “Dark Poetry: Wrong Love

  1. I enjoy this piece – I have this feeling sometimes that loving a someone is going to destroy me – it has come close. (lovely picture, by the way:)

  2. Patty, You sound so together. I am learning about your full life & how deep you are as a person. But that I knew from the start. I will read in the future with this perspective on all you write. And you know you have a friend here to talk to should life fall short but for a moment, a day, a short chapter that will pass. Phil

  3. Patty, “Wrong Love” & your photograph here set me off with concern for you once again. Your words are too strong not to be “in the now” of your life. If “yes,” can I help you to define or redefine love? For love as destructive to you as this cannot be love at all. Maybe write about that! You are on that track with your title & the black wings surrounding the title as contrast to your sensuous, loving photo of you below which reaches out for true love. A feeling fills my chest like a deep breath….Phil

    • Thank you my friend.
      You don’t have to worry about me. These are not my feelings. I am blessed with a very healthy love in my life!
      But I am highly sensitive to the feelings of others as well.
      Ever since I lay off my mask and became the real me again, my empathy sometimes overflows my own feelings. So I write to get it out of my system. 🙂
      First I thought it would be best to shield myself off again, but… I like who I am right now, although it’s sometimes hard. I can handle it.
      Thank you very much for your concern and kindness. People who possess a heart like yours are rare.
      Lots of love

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