13 comments on “Just a thought… and a poem repost

  1. This is so true – though my friend Bill and I were not related or even married – we knew each other for 12 years. Yes, part of that time we were a couple, but when we were no longer a couple we were still very close. i still remained his asst. at work and lived next door. My boys – Peyton met Bill when he was 3 years old. He is going to be 16 next month. Bill never had children (we did co-parent Pee from a baby), but my kids, were his – and he thought of them as such. He may never have been an official step dad – he was.

    People connect to people – it does matter how or where or for how long the connection existed. I believe if one see’s someone as family – then so be it – it is not for anyone to judge. Ever!! 🙂

  2. We debated this the other night on Facebook, I agree 100% as you know.
    I have blood relations I would rather not, same as most.
    In life we can CHOOSE who we want to surround ourselves with and who we love..

    Luv ya. all.x


  3. I Agree! I’ve got my half-brother and sister but that doesn’t mean anything to me. They are just my big sister and baby brother.. Just like i’ve got to meet you and you’re fantastic family.. I feel more love from you guys than some of my ”real” family.. So family is more then being related.. 🙂 Loveyou!

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