13 comments on “Monthly Update!

  1. Hi Patty, I’m so glad to see this update. Although I’ve had my head in the shell for the last few weeks, I’ve been keeping an eye on your blog and your progress and I’ve noticed the wonderful change. You sound so much happier now, like you’ve stepped out of a dark closet and turned around to see the sun shining in the window. I love the new ‘vibe’ I’m getting from your website.

  2. Sounds like some great goals. I have a few – lose weight, get in better shape, try to be a better person and get focused on work. The holidays are coming and I am starting to stress. Trying not to fall apart. I hate them with a passion. Yes, stupid goals.

    • Lol, yes goals can drive you mad for sure!
      Just try not to demand too much from yourself.
      The holidays are suppose to be fun! 😉
      And, just for the record, I think you are a great person already! Lots of love ♥

  3. Lol….instead of a building experience. 🙂 Sounds like you’re getting things ordered. I wish you all the best with the edit and education around a new poetry form. This is a great place to do that, WP has some amazing poets. I’ve been looking around and it is mind blowing for sure.

    Looking forward to what you create. Now I better go edit! Lol. Much love xoxo

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