32 comments on “O Yeah! Award Time! :)

      • Oh dear you are like a young sister to me and I feel the love and agony of your heart in your writings

        so be blessed dear
        my blessing are always with you dear 🙂 🙂

        lots of love and hugs

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  2. Congratulations, your Blogger Awards are just another reason for you to keep blogging. You are loved. And I am honored. Thank you for thinking of me and sharing these wonderful Awards. The best award you can give me is to keep writing and inspiring people with your beautiful words! Penny xx

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  4. You are so kind petitemagique.. I feel blessed.. I will have them posted in my blog post.. Thanks for having susch a good big heart and i wish you to have a healthy heart too (medically) 😉

    • Thank you my friend and you are very welcome.
      Thank you for your kindness as well. You truly deserve these awards! And I try, as long as that heart of mine is beating, to be as good as I can be. 😉

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