31 comments on “Just a note

  1. As you can see I am reading blogs backwards in time. I am happy I am getting to this one after the most recent posts. I am bad at taking my own advice – but I am good at dishing it – here it is – do not let anyone make you stop what you enjoy doing. Do not give them the satisfaction of seeing you ‘give up’ – that is what they want – to prey on your sadness.

    Thank you for staying around – WP would not be the same without you;). xx

    • Thank you so much Kim! I really needed to hear that.
      And I would never give up doing what I like to do, but I will stop if I don’t enjoy it anymore and that was kind of the case right there.
      I just had a lot on my mind and could not handle having to battle with a bully on top of that.
      But friends like you give me the strength to continue, so thank you very much! ❤

  2. Ik ben triest om te horen dat het slechte gedrag van anderen uw toekomstige postings kan onderbreken. Zoals in het leven, wanneer wij onze stem, aantrekken soms we diegenen wiens enige doel is te bekritiseren en anderen beledigen. Ik begrijp de moeilijkheid van de voortzetting van uw stem wordt bekritiseerd en aangevallen voor gewoon spreken uw mening delen. Welke beslissing die u maakt, wens ik u succes met uw geschriften en ook in uw reis door het leven in de toekomst. Het spijt mij dat u een doelwit voor dergelijke respectloos volkeren zijn geweest.
    Vergeef mijn Engels, ik ben een beetje uit de praktijk sinds ik links Europa.

  3. Oh Patty. And I’ve had computer problems, which derailed me for several days. Now that I’m back I read this. 😦 Patty, I’m hoping you won’t quit. I know how blogging can be wearisome sometimes. I can only hope that you aren’t driven away because of the horrible acts of others.

  4. Well fun comes from within you, re-create it. Everything loses it’s zest after a while in life. So we have to twist it on it’s head and redress it. Lol. You don’t always have to leave, just open a new can of paint and paint with a different brush. 😉

    Love and Hugz!

    • Thank you so much my dear friend. I am honored and of course I will accept. But I am deciding if I want to keep blogging here, so please give me some time. Lots of love

      • oh dear Patty take your own time and you are free to choose as many awards as you like dear friend

        take care dear

        thank you

  5. I am just getting to know you, please don’t stop. I’ve had a few of those experiences too, I started a little over a year ago, there are far more loving and caring bloggers than the meanies, I hope you decide to keep on! Much love, Penny xx

  6. Gewoon doorgaan Patty. Hagenezen geven zich toch nooit gewonnen ? Naar het Scheveningse
    strand, lekker uitwaaien, en met frisse moed verder. I like your likes

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