14 comments on “Weekly Feel Good About Yourself Post

    • You make the effort to come to my blog just to make fun of my brother’s blog got burned by some idiot with a god complex. But now I see…
      You are just sad, aren’t you? Don’t have much of a life?
      I pity you and I really wish you will have something other to be happy about then someone getting trashed for no reason.

      • If ANYONE has a god complex it’s your old man. Who else but a god (very least a prophet) could resurrect after 40 days like nothing was wrong lol!

        They say the soul leaves the body 40 days after death – maybe Lucifer didn’t want him and threw his ass out of the fire LMAO!!

        OH, I AM GOOD!!

      • ‘Oh I’m good!’
        Are you kidding me?
        You think you just said something smart?
        O my, it’s even worse with you then I thought.
        You are not only hateful for no reason at all, you also serious believe you are being smart about it.
        I am terrible sorry for you kid, but I am just to busy with real life to spend my time on minions like you. If I thought there would be any chance you could be a better person, I would have helped you. But I don’t make a effort for people like yourself.
        Have a nice life.

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