21 comments on “A thank you to a real friend, Shaun.

  1. You got a big tough Scotsman crying like a baby here infront of his Wife..She hugged me. Patty, I run out of things to say about you, I run out of things to think about you. I love you as a friend soo much I have no words for you…Just know, no matter what, I will always love you and I have your back, your friendship, your trust and most of all, your Heart.

    You are a blessing to my life. Dawn understands and smiled and hugged me as I cried at this.
    I am so blessed. I am so lucky. Friends are hard to find, but are harder to keep.

    I love you ❤ X

    • Now you got me in tears as well…No fair.
      You know I will have your back as well. Always.
      And it’s true, real friends are very hard to find, so I try to treasure them as I find one.
      Give your lovely wife a hug from me and I will talk to you later.
      O, and have to send you a hug from Danny as well.
      Love you 2 ❤ X

      • Tell Danny I said Hi..
        You got a good Hubby there, he is a very lucky man…
        As you are a very lucky Woman..

        Speak soon.. x

      • Hi Lia…
        Always I will take care of Patty.
        I love her like a sister. She is special..
        Thank you for caring and thanking me..
        This means you care also…
        Patty surrounds herself with Amazing people..Like you..


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