21 comments on “Poetry: The things we didn’t do…

  1. A friend once told me that he never regretted losing something he once had. What he regretted was losing the possibilities in something he never had but wanted. I think the moral was, take the chance or opportunity when you have it. Figure out what you REALLY want, and go for it – no holds barred.

    • Yes. True words. You should always capture each moment and don’t hesitate on the things you really want to do.
      But sometimes there is just not enough time.
      Hugz ♥

      • Got it. By the way, is that you in these photos? Now I know what the sister of my brother looks like.♥

        I will be back on tonight, looking forward to his last work mixed in with yours. 🙂

        Lots of love and hugz Patty!


      • Yes, my black angels are creations I made from pictures of myself. I had trouble finding a model, so I thought that I would model myself. 🙂 I take the photos mostly myself and edit them as well.

        I will see you tonight! 🙂
        Big hugz! ♥

      • Well you’re a great model. You’re photogenic so it’s good. It’s nice knowing what you look like.

        I’m allergic to photos myself, but I appreciate them of others so much. I love what you do with your photos too. No idea how to do that kind of stuff, but you are very creative (now I see what Shane is talking about).

        Yes, see you tonight! 🙂

        Big Hugz…

      • Thank you! I have been allergic to photos as well, but I really wanted to do this kind of art so I got myself over it. Turned out that I could do it after all. Lol.
        Really would like to see a good picture of you someday. 🙂

        I got your link btw, can’t wait to check it out tonight! 🙂
        What was our little bro talking about?
        Big wolfhug! ♡♥♡

      • Yes. That is why I blog, I am trying to get myself over an intense commitment to privacy that borders on obsession with secrecy. I am a filmmaker, I have to play it open sometime!

        So I get you on getting over aversion to photos. 🙂 And you photograph nicely, plus your editing is great Patty.

        One day – a looong time from now. I will post a picture. I hate all pictures I take or taken of me. So I have veeeeery few. Oh Shane just referenced you as a very talented photographer 🙂 ….and you are. 🙂

        Big wolfhug! ❤ ❤ ❤

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