8 comments on “Poetry: I just wish…

  1. It’s true. I lost my husband five years ago and I was so glad that I had always told him I loved him every morning when he left for work and every evening when we were ready for bed. I have always been of the belief that you have to tell those you love how you feel every chance you get. What is the purpose in keeping something like that secret?

    • I am glad you did that Vickie! I told my brother I loved him every single day. Even if we were having a fight, I told him I loved him. But I still am scared sometimes that he didn’t know HOW MUCH I loved him. I don’t know, I guess I am just doubting about everything right now. Comes with the grief, I think.
      Lots of love to you

    • Yes, it’s important to say that often. My bro told me every day that he loved me and I told him one time that I loved that, but that I wondered how it was so natural for him to do so. He replied: ‘If you love someone and you are sure you do, you have to tell them that as many times as you can.’ And he was right.

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