19 comments on “My favorite poem by William Shane Ellis

  1. I have met this person, that Shane wrote about
    32 years ago she calls her self my little sis
    xx laffoe

  2. He thought a lot about you Patty x
    And to be fair, If I were him I would write the same, so would many others…
    You have that appeal on people, you ooze love..

    Thank you for sharing something so personal..
    But you know this is part of the healing process, you are forcing yourself to hurt to grieve and this is a good thing. x

    Always here for you

    Shaun x

    • Thank you my dear friend for your support and kind words again.
      I just have to share and grief, I don’t know how I will be able to go on otherwise. But it will be better. I know that.
      Lots of love X

      • You are doing the right thing by talking and getting it out your system., Keeping it in would be bad…

        Lots of love.

  3. such a beautiful poem and a beautiful thought to put it in your living room.
    I’m sure it will look good and fit perfectly in you’re new home!
    Love you ❤

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