14 comments on “Dark Poetry: Missing

  1. I am not quite certain what to say – everyone stated quite perfectly how it is I feel. It takes time and even the there is still a void. I think what comes is a greater level if acceptance. As Shaun stated, you are in my thoughts and prayers – please do not forget 😉 xx.

  2. Patty, as said, give it time babe x
    Time allows us all to gain perspective to things we can’t understand or feel is unfair.
    We have all been there, we have all helped someone who is there.

    Keep on keeping on now…

    Also, you are STUNNING in that poem/picture and a beautiful poem with heartfelt meaning…

    You have been in my thoughts for a few weeks and remain so…You know this I hope..

    Shaun ❤

  3. This will take time Patty. Give yourself that. We just found out (unfortunately) two weeks ago maybe? One day, you will breathe again and find all this. In the way that Patty will (as we all find our own way). Sending you a big hug to let you know I know what you’re feeling.

    Sister of your brother. ❤

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