20 comments on “Poetry: In my dreams…

  1. Poignant, sad, and beautiful at the same time. I know you are hurting my dear friend. Keep letting it out through your pen. It’s kind of like bloodletting…painful…but healing in the end. hugs and love coming your way!

  2. Overcoming grief is a hard thing to do it all takes time. We also grieve in many different ways. Take care of yourself

  3. dear Patty, be gentle with yourself…it will take time…much time…you carried Shane so close in your heart. Shane is at peace…he is with God…he is bathed in LOVE, in sunshine and crystals of goodness…Remember his goodness…remember what you shared together and the LIGHT you brought to his life! and the LIGHT he brought to yours! He knew you loved him–he was so happy to call you sister and friend! You are GIFT…Shane would want you to remember to live in LOVE.

  4. Sleeping to survive…. because in my dreams you are still alive.

    I understand this.

    Perhaps in the waking dreams we shared with him, he can stay. As we accomplish, he can live in our hearts?

    Hugz to you… ♥

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