70 comments on “Dark Poetry: Will I be able to rise again?

  1. Just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you, Patty! I hope you are rising on Phoenix wings! Stay strong and we will be here for you if you need us xoxo

  2. Take care of you Patty! You will be missed, but I know you need to do what is right for you! Just so you know your dark poetry does not depress me it gives me strength knowing that you are fighting with your words. I don’t normally do this in a comment, but I felt led to write this poem for you:

    Rise again, strong Phoenix
    scattering ashes as you fly
    spread your wings and soar
    far above the darkness
    that has power over you no more
    Rise again, strong Phoenix

  3. Do take care of yourself – I am thinking I should follow suit – you will be missed – 🙂
    Do remember we sending good, happy thoughts your way:) xx

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