16 comments on “Poem: At least I’m still me

    • Thank you Benjamin.
      But it’s actually not really a sad poem. You see, we all get hurt. And our first response to that is to change ourselves so we don’t get hurt again. Not letting anyone get close anymore, becoming numb, wearing a mask. I tried that. Didn’t work lol. So now I am just me! 🙂
      And when I get hurt again, o well, I will survive. 😉
      Hugz & Love

      • That’s very optimistic and philosophical and true in many ways. It’s always good that you can find a positive. You seem very wise. Have a great, great day!

      • Thank you Benjamin. 🙂
        Yes it is optimistic, but we do have to stay positive if we want to move forward instead of backwards in life. 😉
        I don’t know if it’s wise or just plain stubbornness though lol! 🙂
        Have a wonderful day yourself.
        Hugz ❤

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